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Importance of Childhood Play

Why embrace playbase learning for early childhood development?

Absolutely, playbase learning is a unique learning tool that has been tested, observed and carried out to prove that children tends to be successful not only in academics but all aspects of life if they are well trained, shaped and brought up starting early in childhood.

“Play is the highest form of research” – Albert Einstein once said and truly playing helps a lot even adult.

A writer struggling with a block can just bike through the park and go on a rollercoaster and boom! Ideas flood in, writer’s block melt away, think’ all work no play makes Jack a dullard.

The importance of playbase learning is so much that it can’t be ruled out of the educational system just because it has its’ own cons like children being dependent on what to do, following a pattern of learning, children being playful, children not being able to read well before kindergarten and so on.

Childhood play importance

Overlooking the cons while trying to minimize the negative effect of playbase learning in childhood form of play, the pros are a whole lot! Below are few points about the importance of playbase learning regards children development which take place in early childhood.

Importance of playbase learning

  • Development of children holistically through social-emotional learning

Now what exactly is Social-emotional learning? This is simply when children regardless of their age or stage acquire, understands, positively and correctly apply the knowledge and skills required to understand and utilize the management of emotions.

This also helps them to set and aim to achieve positive goals, understand and feel then know when to show empathy to others and not even stopping there but also establishing and maintaining positive relationships and responsible decisions.

Children will develop unity and bond with themselves and also recognize the effect and importance of unity. When they are grouped to play in pairs and groups, they think alike, get patient with each other, reason with themselves and also try to bring out a solution in agreement. In this, they will be able to establish a good relationship with one another which will also be a lot of help for them in their later stage of life.

  • Ability to develop interest and focus

Playbase learning helps children especially toddlers and preschoolers develop the ability to stay focused and be interested in some things. They can choose what they want to do and this will make them get interested in whatever they are doing because it’s what they picked by themselves.

They will be able to learn effortlessly because of their interest, pick up hints about the things they choose faster and even bring out new approach and solution.

  • Development of attention skills

Although attention and focus can be said to go side by side but still attention is slightly different because attention is a natural function of the body because individuals are constantly in a state of paying attention to different aspects of the environment, it’s a reflex while Focus is a will instead of reflex.

Focus is a skill that’s learnt and also can be improved through constant practices. It means paying attention to something or somewhere for an extended or certain period of time while giving space to the other stimuli to function.

  • Improvement on self regulation, cognitive flexibility and working memory

The ability of children to think faster and accurately is deeply rooted in their upbringing and what they are familiar with. Playbase learning helps a lot to make children think outside the box and register what they see over and over in their brain.

They develop what it feels like to see, touch, feel or taste something and the brain will register this immediately in case of another encounter in the future. Development of these skills make it easier to determine or predict the success of their academics later in life because a child that’s able to discern, think, come up with a solution easily and faster will surely make it big in academics.

  • Development of upgraded motor skills

Making children throw soft balls, run to catch a rolling ball, going down the slides, jumping and running will polish and refine their motor skills. Play is a form of exercise and what exercise does exactly is building of the muscle mass and helps in coordination of the body.

A physically fit child will find it easy to mingle, learn and excel not even in academics alone but also in all aspects of life. The motor skills of kids are upgraded when they engage in playbase learning but also the instructor or teacher should watch out and make sure exercise doesn’t lead to injury or accident.

  • Reduction of stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety can build up when a child is made to stay still or doesn’t engage with other children. It’s just as if they are deprived of living because, playing is what makes a child happy.

If they are taken to parks to meet and make new friends around their age, allowed to play as they want although under close monitoring, and given freedom, they won’t be frustrated or stressed up. When they scream, run, giggle and laugh with friends, all worries go away and anxiety would never be able to impact.

This is very important for when they go to kindergarten finally especially for toddlers and preschoolers, they will mix in naturally and not go through the stress of how to make new friends because they know exactly how to do.

  • Curiosity and Interests

Naturally a child will be curious about some things come to be as they associate themselves with it regularly or daily. This curiosity will surely turn around and become deeper to develop an interest.

A child that is exposé to drawing and painting will develop interest through curiosity and even give birth to new ideas. These type of kids won’t face difficulty when they want to choose a career because, they know what they want and what they are interested in. Also, it gives the chance for kids and parents to choose easy career and paths, a way to make a child extra successful among peers.

We also have the importance of playbase learning as excitement to learn and the ability to be comfortable in any settings.

Playbase learning have laid the foundation through development of many skills and aspects of the brain so much that children will never have any problem in mingling with friends or people generally.

Playbase learning is highly recommended for parents and teachers to embrace in child upbringing because, it’s our desire to produce physically, emotionally, academically, socially sound children.

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