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For more than ten years we’ve been helping children at DflourishingKids educational centers to discover their individual talents and strength; which makes them a confident learners.

Child care’ development, parenting and early education is not only what we do; It’s who we are and making of a total child is all about us.

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Child Care & Educational Services

Day Care

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Vacation & Summer Child care

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In home care/Nanny

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Smart Tutoring

Early education and Preschool Programs

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STEM Essentials Hours

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Backup Care

Before and After School program

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Child Modeling

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Playground design and Construction

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Field Trip Education

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Wonderfully Made Child Care

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Kids Support

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Guardian & Counselling

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Crafted by experts, facilitated by professional educators, inspired by love for children

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We deliver innovative child care’ development, parenting and early childhood education services

Your employees need care for their families, guidance for education and smooth transition back to work after a baby. We offer high-impact benefits that attract and engage employees, enhance productivity and strengthen your talents pipelines for the future. Wherever your employees are in their lives, we’ve got them covered

Child development & Education Services

Our Special Deals and Last-Minute Offers

Book an appointment with us’ our counsellors are ready to guide you on best steps to help your child achieve result driven academic excellence during his/her early childhood stage.

“Age 6 month to 2 years”


Baby/Infants experience effective care provided by our daycare provider and child minders. Adventures are waiting for your child come explore our offers.

Age “2 years to 3 years”

Play Group

Toddlers experience amazing and fun filled interactive play base & educative learning; powered with learning toys, songs, educational video to mention just few.

Age “3 years to 5 years”


Preschoolers at DflourishingKids enjoy a program that give total confidence in every aspect of their experience; from care to health, safety; getting ready for academics handled by experienced educators with best prepared curriculum that enhance children in kindergarten and steps ahead


Age “5 years to 10 years”

Kids ready to explore & experiment with new things. Educator leads & support our inquisitive young minds to scale new difficulties and advance in skills to drive through now & lifelong education.

Grab a last-minute offer and let your child come experience our super touch learning system

Come explore opportunities, remarkable experience awaits your child.

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Very outstanding performance handling kids.

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