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Shekinah Glory Group Of Schools


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Nurturing The Glory Light Of Children Across The Globe

Our Mission

Shekinah Glory Group of Schools (SGGS) mission is to inspire children to attain their ultimate potentials in academic achievement and personal growth in a well equipped(Digital) environment conducive for cooperative learning, mutual respect, cultural diversity and uniqueness; enhancing their talents with academics in a way that they can be successful entrepreneur in chosen career in their tender age and nearby future.

Our school is set to inculcate the key skills that will provide DFlourishingKids children with the required world standard sound and balanced education; thereby making them independent and self reliant citizen in their own right. We believe that their is no child that is ineducable and each has the right to be educated without barriers or interference in their own world.  Each child is special to us and we appreciate the individuality with respect to treating each in his/her kind to bring out the best in them.

DFlourishingKids Super-Touch Learning System


Our Vision

DFlourishingKids vision is “Nurturing The Glory Light Of Children Across The Globe”

Our Core Value

Shekinah Glory Group of Schools (SGGS) core values are Integrity, Passion for winning, Trust, Creativity, Problem solving, Leadership, Result oriented, Hard work and Ownership.

We divinely improve children general well-being, health and fitness; creating a lasting positive impact on their lives and that of the up coming generation.

Knowledge Is Future!