Imparting With Divine Knowledge!

Teach, Impart and Inspire the children to attain their ultimate potentials in academic achievement and personal growth morally enhanced by divine spirit of God. 

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Helping Kids Grow and Learn!


“Parents”the very first lesson a child learn and “Caregiver” every child first teacher; both are foundations who makes difference for success at every grade level starting from home to preschool and to school age.

Parents/Guardian and Caregiver unified to create good child support system. A system that nurture a child’s healthy, physical , emotional, intellectual, spiritual and social growth which will in turn let a child perform well growing from preschool to school age.

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Effective Head Start Modelling 

The early experience a child get often model their potential to excel in academics and other life attributes”. 

Proven science discoveries shows infants brain develop rapidly during the first 3 years as body system neurons are generated each seconds and very sensitive magnetizing learning at a very fast rate as compared to any other time in child life. 

At a period transition take place between home and school, typical between parents/guardian and caregivers who directly ushers guide to every basics steps that worthwhile living.

Kindly put in your best and do not say I am not concerned! I tell you this will in turn have a lasting impact on the child development and related functions later in life.
Good Child Support System in area of Nutrition, Communication, Play activity, Environment, Safety, Assessment etc is very vital; join hand  in providing best for our future generations.

Knowledge Is Future