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Looking for best information on early childhood education! Herein is intricacies of childhood education, ways to help a child achieve best results and helps you needs to effectively care and develop children from any background during the periods.

Early Child Education

The successful journey starts here. Help parents, caregiver and eductors needs to administer cares and develop children.

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Early Childhood Education

An important period in child development. A stage in child life that centred more on child personality development. Early childhood education is a branch in education theory which emphasis teaching of children from birth and up to the age of 8 years.

Educating and caring for young children has always been an integral part of human societies. It’s a societal role which has been evolving over time across background and cultures. It is relates to family community, social and economic roles of parents/guardian.

Modeling sense of self

The first two years of children life is spent in modeling sense of self and their second year most children learn to differentiate between themselves from other. This implies they develop abilities to function in relation to other people. In doing this parents/ guardian has great role to play been the first child teacher’ they form integral background and solid foundation of the early learning process.

At the first two years of childhood attachment process; so many factors are present which can be influential to future education. And this factors require proper handling inform of guidance and exploration which will make a child become more comfortable to associate with their immediate environments.

Parent child steady relationship

A steady relationship from parents to children is required to achieve best result. Parents is required to be consistent with response times and emotions to make positive impact at this continuum development periods to enhance positive attachment.

But, an improper establishment of positive attachment during this period can be detrimental effect on child development now and nearby future in area of independence and relationship with others.

Fine’ establish proper relationship, it involves the use of proper techniques. Parents and caregivers requires to understand this to help children become comfortable to explore their environment.

Importance of Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education can help foster academic excellence and socialization. With relevant exposure and organized academics routine plans. children are open to learn fast anything that appeals to them. Access to effective teaching and learning tools at this stage in their life will provide lifelong benefits to their success. Sure’ developmentally flexible structures and freedom will make children be able to explore and reach their full potentials Age 3 to 8 years

Early Childhood Education Requirements

Early childhood involve guardian to have knowledge in developmental changes that occurs in early childhood. Caregivers and educators need to be oriented with subject being taught in early childhood class base setting. subject which may include language arts and reading, mathematics and some social studies and science.

Managing class behaviour is one of the skill required for an educator with appropriate positive reinforcement good for managing behaviours in young children

Focus on Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education focuses on learning through play. Jean piaget through research and philosophy postulates (PILES) that play meets the physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social needs of children.

Many ways children learn and gain knowledge is through activities like dramatic play, art and social game. As guardian and educator or caregiver we must enhance children by this means. Children curiosity and imagination can naturally evoke learning when unfettered meaning encouraging play can make children learn through play and also develop cognitive. A collaborative means of developing skills and knowledge is solely found in play which involve interacting with others.

Playbase Learning in Early Childhood Education

It is very vital that parent engage children with play that will enhance their development and also when the child is at the stage of attending childcare center; such center should be chosen with special consideration for practitioners that give room for various types of play that actively promote children’s development on daily bases.

Example of such play could be task oriented play like children arranging things orderly under close supervision, giving room for children to help in preparation of dining, taking part in baking activities; that involve ratio and measurements and of ingredients’ this can help develop math skills in areas of familiarizing with amount, volume of content, state of matters. Taking leadership, knowing direction, following steps, observing rules and communication with clarity also are learnt in this kind of play.

Creating Playbase Learning in Early childhood education

Creating a playbase learning environment at home is not a bad option. Equipping homes with indoor games and our yard with outdoor game that can help promote learning helps in child development. However, not all parents can afford to do that but should consider enrolling your child where such activities is accessible at early childhood.

Their are guideline for creating a play-base learning environment at home or in center base care center. The guide line include providing a safe area(space), correct supervision, safety, trained educators that are skillful and knowledgeable and culturally aware about early childhood developmental periods.

Children should be giving good meal, fruits and milk and also exposed to plenty of exercise to keep them physically and emotionally healthy. Play base learning will also allows children to social interact through talk, use efficiently their imaginative and intellectual skills. Children learn through movement and engaging their senses in activities that develops it.

Benefits of Playbase Learning in Early Childhood Education

The benefits of engaging children in active activities include physical benefits Healthy bone, weight, strength, fitness of cardiovascular. Social skills are enhanced, stress relief and improved sleep. Play time in early childhood education helps children to be more empathetic towards one another.

Other areas include implementing board game in classroom during elementary school goes long way in helping children develop social skills that likely to transfer and positively enhance other areas. The result of this may include being calculative, obeying rules, helpful, thoughtful and cooperative with others.

Purpose of Early Childhood Education

Early childhood care and education period is a purpose driven periods in every child live, this can’t be over emphasis as a stage more than just preparation for elementary education. Its’ solely aims at the complete development of every child’s emotional, social, cognitive and physical needs. This in turn will help a child build solid foundation in preparedness for lifelong learning and wellbeing.

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