CS First for Kids & Teens

Welcome to DflourishingKids Edu.

Computer Science First for Kids & Teens

Open source platform for Kids & Teens to learn ‘Computer Science’ technology systems and its applications. Implement what has been learnt in a real time project; analyze and develop a continual progressive plan that can make them be solutions finders that fits into the rapid developing digital global village and make it a better place for all.

This platform seeks to educate Kids and Teens on how to use the power of computational skills to their advantages. Interact with the rapid developing technology world and computerized network systems in real time scenario by means of coding.

Computer Science Classes for Age “6years to 18 years”

Instructor lead and self paced training both Online and IN classes coding for Kids and Teens available,,,, Call Now: +2348055007277

Our team of passionate technology specialist objective centered on taking learners to the next level by enlightening them on how to gain value added experience and derive maximum benefits’ knowing the importance and uses of Computer Science as related to electronics, internet, digital network system with functional applications and data technology.

Educating                             Inspiring                           Empowering

Open Source Learning Embrace Diversity In Children

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Kids’Teens & Digital Revolution World

We don’t want to alarm you but be informed that, the future is already here! We’re actually in the middle of the 4th industrial revolution. Do you know about the digital revolution, the A.I era, or the Deep-web, or Machine learning?

How can we make sure our children won’t be left behind in this revolution? The answer is simpler than you think.

Kids’ Teens Join our Computer Science class free. An Instructor lead programming and application development with practical hands on that will make your child fit in the future now at our fingertips. Structured learning through video tutorials and block based coding in scratch.

Our CS for Kids & Teens Courses

A detailed computer science curriculum that makes coding easy to teach and fun to learn for Kids & Teens and training delivered by experience IT experts.

Scratch Programming for Kids

Programming’ Computational Thinking’ Design Thinking

Age 6 to 9

Learning coding from the angle of using block! Using virtual “sets of blocks” to code rather than test; kids learn the intricacies and logic of coding, complete fun projects and build a strong basis for future learning.

App Development for Kids

Computational Thinking’ Programming’ Innovative Thinking

Age 9 to 13

A great way to learn coding! Interactive learning activities in real time lab section that involve students to create own games and apps- Knowing and understanding the usage of essential tools, developing CS skills and building confidence.

Robotics for Kids

Computational Thinking’ Programming’ Problem Solving

Age 13 to 15

Direct engagement in coding through a virtual 3D robots in an engaging online environment real time – An exposure to learning how to code and program robots

Video Creation (YouTube) for Kids

Content animation’ Creative thinking’ Problem solving with animation concepts on social media’ Produce, shoot, edit and optimize videos’

Age 9 to 15

Direct engagement in digital content production through video. Kids & Teens learn to showcase contents like information through video using the most popular digital platform-YouTube. Fundamentals of writing, filming and editing is look into.

Computer Animation for Kids

Content creation on social media’ Produce, shoot, edit and optimize videos’

Age 9 to 15

Drawings are bring to live by sparking up imagination. From sketching a character in a notebook and awakening it with the power of programming. Seeing it move, smiles and responsive; animation for Kids & Teens course combines the fun of animated video with learning skills and basic concept of computer creativity tools

Making Web A Better Place For All

Business Technology Training for Aspiring Entrepreneur

Business Online Solutions for SME & Aspiring Entrepreneurs


Internet Entrepreneurship & Lifestyle Business Model Learning Programs; Teachings In Real Time”Be Own Boss” Learn More


We operate in the online system with the mission to educate people on intricacies of promoting business presence online through the means of digital network technology and related system.

We specialize in implementing digital solutions to create and grow business presence online. Our team of passionate business oriented and technology specialist objective centered on taking business to the next level by enlightening users on how to gain value added experience and derive maximum benefits; knowing the importance and uses of computer and mobile phone, internet, apps, social media, digital network system tools and data technology.

OpticzTech CEO

Whether you are new to online systems; confused about where to start or just to do it better, the information on this site will help you reach your personal or business online goals; as with anything else, practices and persistence will lead you through to achieve your online success goals.

You hopeful to become an online superstar’ and do not know where to jump start your online journey; the resources on this site will  starts you on the right path with strategic information required, stay tuned!. If you are a start up or an aspiring entrepreneur, a small business owner or entrepreneur; and you required our products and services to grow your related business online presence’ kindly feel free to contact us for free consultation and counseling.  

     Innovating                                   Inspiring                                Empowering


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