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Growing Excellent Kids (TODDLERS, PRESCHOOL AND ELEMENTARY) With Value Added Educational Video

Facts has it that 80% of kids can recall a video content they viewed in the past 30 days. 70% of pupils would rather watch a video to learn about a topic, then read the text format. Accepting these facts can be informative but knowing what educational videos really is and best for children at different age can be helpful and advantageous in child upbringing.  

What Is Educational Video?

Educational videos or video lessons (as called by a few), is an audiovisual material with a high degree of utility in the teaching and learning process whose main purpose is to educate its viewers.

Within these learning context, the possibility of interacting with the medium becomes visible with one more use of strategy, which provides the student or teacher with the possibility of stopping the image, going back and ultimately adjusting the viewing rhythm to aids comprehension or retention in order to control difficulties that viewers may likely face.

Now that we know what educational videos are, let move on to knowing few types of educational videos.

Types Of Educational Videos

  1. Documentary Videos:- This shows in an orderly manner, information on a specific topic (for example, a video on mining activity in Ghana).
  2. Narrative Videos:- They have a narrative plot through which relevant information for pupils is presented (for example, a video that narrates life of a historical character).
  3. Monoconceptual Videos:- It is a video of very short duration that focuses on presenting a certain concept (for example, a video on the concept of the food chain, or the simulation of the flight of a bird).
  4. Thematic Video:- It is the classic didactic video that presents in a systematic way and with adequate and gradual depth to the recipients, the different sections of a specific topic (for example, a video on the influences of pre-Columbian art).
  5. Motivating Video:- It aims above all to impact, motivate, interest viewers, even if for this, they have to sacrifice the systematic presentation of the content and a certain degree of scientific rigor (for example, a video that aims to warm about the dangers of Covid-19). They often have a narrative structure.

Mention above are sample of different types of educational video that are available out there. And knowing this can help as guide in selecting choice video.

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However, let us proceed on to know  why you need to adopt the use of educational videos and how best it can affect your kids before we go listing over 20+ examples of educational videos suitable for children at different stage.

Findings About Educational Videos

Studies have reportedly shown the value of using educational videos. With the availability of FREE contents and HIGH QUALITY videos online, these makes it a perfect acquisition for blended learning.

Related to our discussion herein is ‘Project Tomorrow’ she conducts its Speak Up Survey each year consisting of school students, parents and educators.

And according to report, in 2015, more than 90% of district administrators responded that educational videos are important to achieving their core mission of educating students.

84% of parents echoed the view that educational videos be added to their child’s learning. 78% of them further responded that ‘For their child to be very sound in their academics and to develop basic skills, it has to do with regular use of educational videos’.

Benefits Of Educational Video

  1. It encourages mastery of learning.
  2. It inspires students and increases their participation.
  3. Offers authentic learning opportunities.
  4. Help develop student anatomy.
  5. Increases students’ participation.
  6. Extends learning beyond school day; offering pupils opportunities for self-directed learning and support classes.
  7. Offers and innovative way to personalize instructions for each pupil.
  8. Traditional dependence on textbooks decreases.

Effect Of Educational Videos On Children?

  1. It helps them develop greater solving and critical thinking skills.
  2. They are more motivated to learn.
  3. They take more charge of their learning.
  4. They work together with other kids more often.

This and many more valid reasons you need to adopt the use of educational videos in your child’s learning.

It is quite understandable that at some point in time, you might not be able to discern which educational videos is the best pick for your child due to the saturation of so many videos and who claim to be educational, but they aren’t.

However, herein through rigorous testing, finding reveals some appropriate educational videos best for children. Below, I will list few proven 20 selected, reviewed and highly recommended for children.

Best Educational Video For Children

For the new generation of kids, YouTube is the answer to learning, entertaining, and everything in between. However, with billions of videos on YouTube, it’s hard to find what’s good for your kids and what is not. Time, data and related might also not permits you to make deep search.

Of all the people who come to YouTube, seven out of ten access it in search of things to learn and train on. In the Google video platform, not everything is about gamers, kittens or music videos, but there are many channels focused on education that make it another learning tool.

This is how EduTubers, youtubers and related that offer educational content on different topics, have also emerged. We can find them experts in a specific subject such as mathematics, history or English, making funny videos of home experiments or explaining the craziest curiosities.

What Is An Edu tuber

An edutuber is a person who uses YouTube to share their knowledge with the rest of the world. They are usually experts in a particular subject and bring their personal touch, which contributes to making learning more enjoyable and close

More than a million videos of this type of content are shared every day, focused on teaching and dissemination. Children and adolescents seek answers to their doubts on the internet daily, so it is appreciated that “learning” continues to grow on the platform.

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Our children are digital natives and that is why they are totally familiar with mobiles, tablets and computers . With new technologies it is becoming easier to learn and play at the same time. In addition to the applications for learning English there are many YouTube channels where children can learn languages, while singing and dancing.

Best Educational Videos For Toddlers


They try to produce the highest quality videos for children with hand-drawn illustrations, with enjoyable music, with top quality singers and great voiceover talents.

With a colorful animation, it is very attractive to babies. Specially designed for children to explore the world of classical songs, their phonetics, rhythms… Discover their characters and enter the world of Appy, Tim, Leo and Lego.

This is a must-have channel for children and parents who want to enjoy a wide range of animation videos. You also have multiple options for learning stories, nursery rhymes, and even math.

A leading channel where you will find a series of programs designed to enrich the relationship with your baby and that provides you with new opportunities to learn and play together.

Catchy and fun songs for learning English with children! Learn about shapes, colors, numbers, alphabet, ABC songs, phonics and much more!

Especially recommended for children from 0 to 3 years old. They repeat all the songs, they enjoy their rhythms and dances while learning the first vocabulary of their language.

They make engaging, fun, educational, and entertaining videos specially designed for babies, toddlers, and children. They can learn to count, the ABCs and much more.

Best Educational Video For Preschoolers


They make educational songs and videos for children around the world. They have created a mixture of animated songs, videos based on vocabulary, the alphabet, phonics and reading videos for preschoolers.

They make videos for toddlers and preschoolers. All of their songs use simple words that any preschooler can follow and sing along to also includes song lyrics.

A channel with songs and videos for very educational children. It is aimed at children from 0 to 6 years old. They make very simple videos that children repeat with great ease.

Little Fox’s official channel with educational and fun songs and stories for children. They have an award-winning library of stories and songs to help children quickly learn English as a second language.

In this channel you can see the best English rhymes so that  children can  easily learn them with music. Magicbox Animation offers quality animation videos to enjoy while learning the language.

The official channel of this Club aimed at preschoolers, parents and teachers. 6 colorful characters take children through classic nursery rhymes into a fun world where they will learn while having fun.

It is a channel of educational and entertainment videos for children in English. Produces animations for children to learn with visual and audible effects, very funny and entertaining.

The toys come to life in each episode of 3D animation aimed at preschoolers. Through colored shapes TuTiTu will stimulate the imagination and creativity of children.

Best Educational Video For Elementary Pupils


The BBC offers this exclusive channel for the learning, reinforcement or practice of the English language in children. Visually very attractive, and where they can progress in the language according to age with other channels.

Free educational songs and videos for teachers, parents and children! Take a look at the Have Fun Teaching website to find many free resources for parents and teachers.

Features family-friendly content from The Jim Henson Company. You can enjoy the full episodes, playlists, and much more. With shows like SID THE SCIENCE KID, FRAGGLE ROCK, PAJANIMALS.

A wide variety of videos for all children from 0-12 years old. Grammar, vocabulary, educational games, and multiple conversations to easily learn from home.

This fantastic channel makes some unique artist productions. They are really great, and we invite you to explore it because both young and old have enjoyed it. Art, music, dance, theater and a great sensitivity.

Speakaboos helps children read, explore, and discover the books they love. Offers interactive educational, entertaining books for children 2-6 years old. Speakaboos can be enjoyed on computers, tablets or mobiles at home, schools and libraries.

By now you should understand that educational videos are a good pick for your kids’ learning. And in this article, there have been listed well over 20 educational videos that had been selected as not the best per day, but some of the best educational videos for toddlers, preschool, and elementary pupils.

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Geoduck on equipping your kids with adequate knowledge to best their academic excellence.

Please Share: Reading this alone, won’t help; but watching the videos with your kids is the real deal.

Kindly leave your thoughts and questions in the comment section for more clarification. We are always happy to hear feedback from our audience. Thanks for reading.  


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