Creating time out with family
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Create Time Out with Family: Why?

By Elizabeth Abiona

Progressive family bond building strategy.

Alas parents! Create time out with family now else… Are you informed?

Findings shows that not setting aside timeout for family togetherness is one of the basic reasons why families bonds are collapsing this days and the impact is not friendly to our general society.

Fact is there are various activities that compete and always want to negate parents’ from creating timeout with family.

However, Covid era is an eye opening period that knock this simple thing into our senses that our other day to day activities is not the good reason why parents should stop timeout with family or not do at all.

Read on to find out reasons why you must inculcate or re-introduce this beautiful progressive family bonds building strategy into the affairs of your home. 

Create Time out with Family.

Get to know meaning of timeout with family, activities that is negating family togetherness, reason why parents must embrace timeout with family, understand the importance of carving out time for family togetherness, various activities that will make your being together not burnout and lots more.

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Let join force and help foster love, peace and make the world a better place for all; it begins with me and you and it starts from homes. 

Time out with family meaning

Can be simply express as periods family comes together to have fun and share other related functions that can harmonize family units and further enhance growth of the family.

Timeout with family is an essential avenue for helping to structure each members of a family growth and development.  It is also a medium where trust, love and harmony can be easily built which will in turn has positive impact on controlling crimes in the world.

Activities that compete time out with family.

Various activities parents engage at which can be either relevant or irrelevant takes our time. Let mention  here few ones: ‘works, hustles, media programs, spiritual exercise, fellowship, course, academics, party, games, entertainment, hanging out, clubbing, internet surfing, projects works’ amidst others.

However, this activities  are but, what we can still logically map out our schedules to accommodate timeout to have fun with our immediate family which in turn can enhance family bonding. 

Why create timeout with family?

The whys are what I called progressive family bonding building strategy.  The reason why parents needs create time out for family can includes but not limited to few ones mentioned below:

  • Building harmony, fostering love, trusts, peace and building confidence in each other.
  • Improve skills which include socializing, communication, sharing, building team spirit.
  • Create a stronger emotional bond between family members.
  • Educating our children in the way of healthy living.
  • Help improving academics performance.
  • Educate social ethics and norms.
  • Teach morals and instill values in children
  • Controlling grudges and reducing behavioral issues.
  • Avenue to create memories based on fun, laughter and togetherness
  • Making the world a better place for all.

Importance of creating timeout with family?

Importance of creating and having timeout with family can’t be over emphasized. The advantages is proven to be more than the disadvantage. Highlighted and discussed below are few important reasons why parents must create time out for family togetherness.

Importance of time out with family.

  • Family Bonding

Spending time together as a family has been linked to stronger emotional bonds. Finding shows that family that spend times together hardly experience home break.

Having to be and do things together helps build strong harmony in homes which in turn make family bonds waxen stronger and the family unity capacity increase.

Chores and leisure activities, such as cooking, cleaning, washing, watching television, playing a board game, gardening, or playing outside are things we do together as family that enhance family  bonding

Making it a practice to show concern for your family’s well-being, it can lead to a willingness to share difficulties and mutual respect between parents and children.

  • Sense of belonging

Not having a mindset of belonging to a particular clan or originating from a background has made many children become wayward in our society as result of their parents neglecting time out together.

I totally preach against racism in my above statement. In this context though’ illuminating our mind that parents needs to cultivate the idea of spending time together with children using the avenue to further help guide their steps aright. Most especially make them learn how to live peacefully with others.  

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  • Modeling good characters

Character is known to be back born of good behaviors.  Attitude are better shaped when children watch how their parents behaves. They simply learn and inculcate by mere seeing and listening to how we parents acts and reacts to situation with speech, body language etc.

I am sure you would not like see your child imitate bad behavior from negative characters that exist around’ therefore, carve a time to be together.  Spending reasonable time together as family can be an avenue to act character role model for our children and assist to positively shape their behavior which will in turn enable good character.

  • Instilling values

One of the best way to easily instill values in children is spending precious time together where by you can seize the medium to mold value to your little ones.

Value which is not meant to be easily taught but can be earn when children see parent do or act one. It is what children can inculcate when they see how their parents relay same to their immediate environment.

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Values instilled in children does not occur overnight. It develops gradually. It also takes continual practices to get accustomed with values. If you are endowed with values, start spending time with your family to help them inculcate it. It doesn’t mean others doesn’t have one you can also inculcate.

From home they carry it to world around them and it radiates in every of their doing which show they are well brought up.

  • Teaching morals

Morals can be simply define as a general acceptable ways of doing or behaving in the society. Moral can easily be taught to children by parents. Time out with family can be used to educate kids on good morals and spending time together also is an avenue for parents to model it.

  • Impacting knowledge

Knowledge is said to know no boundary. Yes, it is generally accepted that no one is a highland of knowledge. If so, how advantageous it is for parent to impact what they know on upcoming generation which they will also pass across to generation next.

Impact good knowledge. It may be the one you learnt reading books, it can also be learn from your endeavors, it may be you gain it from your parent, whichever way; do impact your loves one too.   Doing this can help children add more to their own knowledge which in turn can help them easily scales odds in difficulties and challenges. 

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  • Spiritual growth

Being spiritual to many sounds a funny thing however, it is not a weird thing. Spiritual in this contest mean serving God by embracing any of the true religion that are in existence. In nut shell reading and meditating in the word of God together as a family goes a long way in helping weak ones amidst the family waxen stronger.

We all are gifted in one way or the other, help your family with your spiritual gift. Pray together, worship God together, sing praises together. Doing things I mention will motivate e and boost others morals to draw closer to Almighty God. You also are growing the spiritual wellbeing of one another fellowshipping in accord.

  • Self-development

Often time human find it hard to discover oneself though, discovering self takes individual different approach and timing to get to a point where one can say I now understand myself and knows what I am capable of achieving.

Spending time together as family can be an avenue where you can help others discover their talents, skills and related attributes that makes human successful in life. Do not brag and embrace humbleness in everything else you become a cast where love doesn’t abound.

  • Empowerment

Watching you do or achieve goals can easily make a member family with same mind set learn or imitate their way out towards self-development which will in turn amount to be you have one way or the other contribute to their growth.

Empowerment doesn’t mean you have to spend money always though it is inevitable in some case. You can continually add values to others through knowledge, counsels, career talk, guiding children in a way that it will result to helping them achieve their success dreams.

  • Make memories

One of the most essential advantages of spending time together with family is, it allows you to make memories that will last a lifetime. Positive memories are treasured items that provide family members with a sense of belonging and can help reinforce the importance of family bonding.  

Take pictures, go on adventure, picnicking, visit places like amusement parks, museum if you have time and can handle the costs, play games together indoor and outdoor, attend events, go on vacation, sit in the living room or around the table talking and laughing together, rally round the age and grey heads in the family, I mean all this and many others are beautiful thing that keeps us as one.

  • Making the world better place for all

Build a world free of atrocities begins from individual home. Children observe what parents/guardians do. Interactions with one another, talking to others and ways of doing things are not out of the scope of what children learn to how to behave and communicate.

Family bonding time is an excellent method to model good behaviors. Spending time together as a family can help parents connect with their children and impact them meaningfully.

Few minutes together after everyone has returned home for the day, whether for supper or a planned family meeting to reflect your achievement for each day can help families not only move forward but also learn to listen, embrace, trust, and understand one another, as well as develop acceptable habits which in turn reflects how our entire society may likely be in nearby future.

Seize this medium to further help adolescents in the family to control hostility, antisocial conducts, anxiety and anger that may want to erupt from peer group pressure.

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Acts of violence, delinquent conduct, substance misuse, and cigarette smoking can also be check mate while breaking homes can also be fixed through spending time out together as a family. 

Activities you can engage with during timeout with family.

A whole lots of activities are readily available that you can engage with during your time out with family. Pre plan activities that is capable of making families not burnout having fun together.

Herein, I will mention few activities out of many others which include:

  • Fun activities:

Start puzzles, play games indoor and outdoor, sing songs, dance, tell stories, watch movie, cook together, visit locations, go on trips or simply sit down and speak about what’s going on in the lives of the people who matter most to you etc.

  • Knowledge base activities:

Reading, Storytelling, Character modeling, Speech delivery, Computer programing with scratch, studying and assisting with homework, introduce educational games, watch educational video cartoons etc.

  • Entrepreneurship activities:

Start a DIY (Do It Yourself) home improvement project, spend time baking or preparing a different recipes, make fruit juice, make disinfectant, antiseptics, liquid soap, eBooks, art and crafts etc. I mean make something that you can sell to the market.   

  • Hygiene and Health development activities:

Engage in exercise, clean and sanitize the environ, remove cobwebs, clear bushes around, climb, skips, dance, make and drink fruit juice etc.

My submissions on carving time out for family togetherness

Get this right parents; family time is very important and must be welcome and adhere to aids personal and collective growth and development.

Despite various demands and deadlines parents are engage with in daily life, it is very essential that we carve out time for our immediate family to be together and discuss.

Families might easily be present but not actively involved in today’s technology-driven environment.

Take away distractions by creating a digital/technology-free zone for may be one hour, letting you focus on one another.

At least ones in a week, set aside time to spend as a family without the use of television, tablets, laptops, or phones.

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Engage with things like, reminiscing about unforgettable and memorable family events as an important element of preserving such memories such can control early memory lost.

Everybody has a baker within a family unit, engage him/her to develop inbuilt baking skills.  After all, who can resist a shout of joy when fresh cupcakes are pulled from the oven?

Take some time to help channel your inner Doughboy, by turning your kitchen into a fun playground, and appreciate every minute with your family.

It is an ideal blends for challenging your family to a kitchen full of laughter, anticipation, and the delicious aroma of freshly baked products.

Baking and frosting mixes with simple ingredients, include no colors, preservatives, or artificial flavors, provide a delightful homemade taste are an easy way to get started who know such can lead to building lucrative business.

Putting old photo albums on display is a terrific way to share fun and precious experiences with the family while also bringing them closer to one another.

I mean, there is whole lots of things you can involve family togetherness time with that will enhance positive growths and development.

In my own family, we do recipes, we program games, write books, create contents, play out door, play board games, sing, dance, recites poem an d make news ones, tell story, teach our kids to tell story, write and draw images to illustrate it.

We watch movie collectively evening Saturdays, play computer games and I teach entrepreneurship and making money while my wife teaches our kids personal development.  We cooked and make different recipes weekend ones every 2 weeks meaning twice in a month.

We hardly go for outings except when it required our presence and we often use the festive season to visit amusement park together and other trips planned. Family time out is one of the beautiful thing I learn from my parents.

Doing it has positively impact development of strong relationships and bonding with my spouse and children making them express feelings. No body want to go far from reaching out to each other.

Time out for family togetherness! Can help solves our immediate world disunity, lack of love, trust etc. starting from homes by each and every member of a family.


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