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Divine upbringing of children is the reason why we are here passionately to help parents, guardians and teachers bring out the bests in kids by contributing to important factors in their personal, social, cultural, spiritual and economic fulfillment both in the day to day development of children for the future adult. A Journey that began years back with proven tracks and testimonies assisting parents and guardian in growing and developing kids, bringing out the best in them by shaping their mind to love learning.

CEO / Head Of Primary Section
Abiona Elizabeth. A : Continual Child  Development in all Sphere Of Live Is Our Goal

Shekinah Glory Group Of  Schools (SGGS): Is here to respond to the rapid changing needs of educational contents; embracing new approach and methodologies to enhance learning cognitive, literacy and numeracy by children. In order to meet up personal fulfillment particularly in area of science and technology, social and health education and considering the fact that we take cognizance in the uniqueness of each  child ability which differs in learning and assimilation process as expressed  in each child with his/her own personality, intelligence and potential for development; our grand vision is to continually develop and model children to be self reliant in every sphere of live.

We set out on a mission to nurture and grow the children mind across the globe in all dimension or facet of his/her life be it educational, spiritual, moral, cognitive, emotional, imagination, aesthetic, social and physical in order for them to be self reliant.

Our team of professional educators target  continual  integrity  development of each child life starting from delivery till the stage they are  able to by themselves cater for their needs and potentials as they evolve day by day. And by meeting this needs, we enrich the child life and the foundation are solidly laid for happiness and fulfillment in later education and in adult life.

New Picture (5)Here at DShekinahKids, child development and learning is paramount. Considering the fact that children live in and are part of the society, they easily learn and absorb facts. Their personal development is deeply affected by their relationship from home and with people in the society. Hence, we set to balance their individual and social development with collaborative learning to appropriate the differences in dimension of life complimenting each other and in helping the child to work and cooperate with others as social interaction being through interactive learning process.

The relationship between education and society is dynamic and interactive, however education not only reflects a society but an influence in shaping its development. It also helps to equip children to share in the benefits of society in where they live and to contribute effectively to that society sustenance and evolve-meant.  To enhance this we take cognizance of the changing nature of knowledge and society and cares for the needs of individual child in adjusting to change through character development and creative thinking.

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We promote the active involvement of children in learning process through imaginative and stimulating positive education to enable children meet with self confidence and assurance in the demand of life both now and in future.

In development of children, the general aim of education include “to enable children to live a full life as a child and to realize his or her potential as a unique individual”, “enable the children to develop as a social being through living and cooperating with others and to contribute to the good society”, “prepare the child for further education and life long learning”, in light of this and many years of experience make us capable to develop the full potential of any child academical, spiritual, moral, social and to foster in each child an ethical sense that will enable him/her to acquire value on  which he base choice and form attitude. We endeavor to equip children with the knowledge and skills that will serve them not only in their lives as children but later as adult.

Our structured curriculum places a particular emphasis on promoting children skills, talents and ability through creative thinking so that children may cope successfully with change by developing their capacity for creative expression and response in promoting their emotional and physical development.

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More so, in rapid changing society, effective interpersonal skills and skills in communication are essential for personal, social and educational fulfillment. Also the ability to think critically, logically and apply learning to develop flexibly and creatively are also important factors in the success of the child life. Therefore we mentor  children learning how to learn in order to instill love for learning that will remain with the child through all stages of formal education. This in turn will express itself in the child inquiry mind and a heighten curiosity.

Children learn how to learn and develop on appreciation of his/her value and practices of life long learning, in all this our slogan is clearly stated ‘knowledge is future” and without discrimination in diversity we welcome all children to DflourishingKids Haven.

Divine Up Bringing Of  Children You Love