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How to choose quality daycare for your baby?

Guide to find good care center (daycare) for your little one.

The choice of how to choose best daycare for your baby maybe quite challenging if, you are a first time mother or father, you are on a new job or you recently relocated. Also, with much demand on economy worldwide, most organizations find it difficult to run a nursery or childcare center with other pressing financial goals to meet.

Though, women are left to find out how to take care of their babies without interfering with work schedules. Also, with the increase in sensitization of mothers friendly child care method, women want to breastfeed their babies till at least one year old, while we have maternity leave lasting between 12-16 weeks depending on the organization and government.

Hence, the need to choose a daycare system that is high quality, flexible and relatively close to your workplace becomes very important thing of high priority. Here in this article, the tips are simplified to make your daycare search and choosing the best choice for your baby easy to make. Sure, you will find just the right daycare system for your child that is within your budget and your reach with the information you read herein’ keep reading.

Daycare meaning

Daycare is a childcare option that allows parents to drop off their children during the day for care, supervision and learning, particularly so that such parents can hold jobs. This also fosters increase in child’s social, mental and physical development.

Early childcare has been noted to help the children a great deal as it enriches them with limitless opportunity to explore their childhood for a promising adulthood. Great babies make great adults. Bright and intelligent children make a good and bright community.

Different types of daycare

For parents, especially mothers to keep up with their work after their maternity leave, there is need to handover childcare to a competent caregiver they can trust; and this start with knowing different types of daycare system that exist. However, this article address two most common types of daycare system among others called center based and in home daycare you are most likely to choose from.

Center-based care versus home-based daycare system

Center-based daycare system

Center base child care is a system that allows parent to take their children to a structured educational care center for babies known as Crèche or daycare centers. It is the most common system and probably the only thing that comes to the mind of an average parents/guardians when daycare or child care center is mentioned.

There are so many daycare centers around. Do not worry, we got you cover with information to know the quality of a good center along with other tips that will help you choose the one suitable for your baby and you, if center based daycare system is what you like to adopt’ keep reading.

Home-based day care system.

This system may be referred to now as the homeschooling system which is having a upper hand in the society due to health related issues, security, belief control and monitored child training. Fact is, there are several ways around it.

First, a nanny or nannies can be employed to take care of the baby in your house. That means you will set up a nursery at home and employ someone to give your baby childcare when you are not around. Nannies can be on part-time or full-time depending on your agreement and budget.

Second, if you work on shift and you have a friend that does the same, you can use the childcare exchange or swap with the other family. That means you work while she is at home and she works while you are at home with the kids.

Third, you can pay a caregiver to come around and care for and teach your baby at home. This means that you will be at work, while you have a nursery at home. You can encourage your other friends to drop their babies by and bear the financial implications together. All these give room for more flexibility and easy monitoring.

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Characteristics of a high quality daycare.

Seeking for the best daycare center around you may be quite burdensome with a lot of comparison and contrast to do and a little bit of regression analysis, here are few tips to get a daycare center that is good enough for your baby whether you are setting one up in your house or you are taking your baby to another center below are quality checks to put in place.

  • Clean and neat environment

This kind of environment is characterized by good waste disposal system, good baby cleaning and monitoring system, good personal hygiene by personnel. This will promote good health for your baby and remove the extra worries of disease spread and infection from daycare center. There should be nothing harmful for the babies around in the nursery or crèche. Metallic and sharp objects should be out of reach. Inedible substances especially, liquid should not be found around.

  • Good communication system

The daycare center should be accessible to mothers during the day for checkups without being harassed by daycare staff members. The daycare staffers should be good communicators, they should be able to explain what goes on with the child to the mother. You must be able to receive calls from them or put a call through to them when necessary. They should be able to communicate well with the babies and carry them along with every activity.

  • Friendly atmosphere

Since all learning for babies are much of playing while working, the person in charge of your baby must be able to create a friendly, playful atmosphere to help your baby’s social psyche. This will make your baby view learning as fun and catch up quickly. It will help your baby to socialize with other babies and learn to be friendly.

  • Well-structured activities

A daycare center should have a well-structured activity plan for the babies. The day should not just be about eating and sleeping. There should be organized games and audio-visuals to help your child learn. Your child should be actively learning when he’s awake, listening to songs and rhythms, playing games with instructors or other children

  • Well trained and friendly staffs

A caregiver is usually a teacher or person with educational background in child development. Find out the qualification of your baby’s instructors or caregivers to ensure their competency in handling your child. The caregiver should be friendly enough to share a little about him/ herself

  • Sick policy

They must have rules on ground on how to handle the health of the baby. They should have a health personnel in charge of the crèche. When a baby is ill, the parents should be contacted before giving any medication to the child. There should be someone who can administer drugs to a child who is on medication. Understand their policy on healthcare and see if it suits you.

  • Safety and Security

A very vital thing to also look for in a daycare center is also how safe the environment is and the security standard starting from the entrance and to the related environ. How they manage emergency if one. Are there fire points, safety gadgets and other related features that can ensure proper safety and security in place.

A search for the best daycare center of good enough caregiver may take a long time. The early the search, the better the catch. If the search is done hastily, you may decide to settle for what looks good and not the best for your baby.

Tips on how to choose quality daycare

A good daycare is what you are on the lookout for; else, the one you get around you is one of the best for your baby, kindly cross check with below information to ascertain you on right track.

Things parents should note before choosing a daycare:

  • Proximity

The daycare center should be easily accessible to the parents especially the mother. This is for her to do periodic check during the day, to breastfeed and assess the care given to her baby. When the baby is nearer, it also gives a sense of safety for the mother.

  • Operating hours

Be sure of the operating hours of the daycare center, the schedule of the caregiver or part-time nanny. Ensure that they will be available while you are at work so that you will not be stranded.

Most daycare centers don’t offer night services and if you are a worker with shift duty as well as your spouse, you may decide to go for the home-based daycare. Also, take note of the flexibility of your visit. Will the center accommodate parents at any time of the day or just during visiting hours?

  • Cost implication

Looking closely into your family budget will also inform a good decision. You go for an option that will not strain you financially. Check the bills for daycare center you are opting for or the cost of having a nursery at home and get a caregiver. Weigh your decision financially.

  • Start early

looking at all the factors to consider, it is very important for parents to start their search for the best daycare early, so as to really have the best for their kid. As soon as purchases begin for the baby during pregnancy, daycare system should be considered and settled!

  • Test Running

After considering all these factors and you have decided on what plan to follow, it is very important to have around 2 weeks to test run your plan. Two weeks before resuming to work, start taking your baby to the daycare center and watch how he/ she acclimatizes.

If you are opting for home-based day-care, employ the care-giver at least a week to your resumption and watch her handle your child before you totally release your baby under her watch.

Why is quality child care important?

There are many reasons to why quality child care is important; however, herein I will emphasis on the very important reasons which include but not limited to

  • Keeping children safe and healthy.
  • Developing skills required in early child education and livelong learning.
  • Building children social, emotional and communication skills.
  • Developing their pre literacy, basic arithmetic skills and related numeracy concept.
  • A medium for kids to explore for better cognitive and language development without hindrance.
  • Enhancing positive peer relations.
  • Enabling working parents to squarely face work among others.

I am sure you are now better informed. Likely you still want to ask one or the other question or want to share with us your opinion, please feel free to use our comment box below, we are always happy to hear from our readers.

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In conclusion, daycare is one of the effective ways to give your child early childhood education. Getting your baby the best option is one of the great gifts you can give him/her starting early in childhood. Follow the proven tips you read above and trust yourself to make the best choice for your baby. I believe you can do just that.

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