Good relationship; Fostering child teacher good relationship
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Good relationship: How to help your child get along with teacher?

We all know that most kids cry on their first day of school due to the fact they are being introduced to an environment entirely different from the one they had stayed up to that moment. Therefore, how to help your child get along with teacher become a necessity. Because, kids see different faces in school, the teachers, fellow students and a very strange environment could arose their emotions.

They become an outcast until they make friends with their fellow students either through the help of the teacher, natural closeness or the others making the first move. This marks another chapter in the life of a growing kid as this is the start of academic activities which will directly or indirectly drive the growth of every other aspects of the a child life as they are growing.

Check your child relationship with his/her teacher

As kids go and come back from school daily, it is a must for a parent to know how the child is doing in the classroom, how he/she is socializing and coping with the entire environment. Parent should care to ask about the kid’s experience in school on that particular day and also what they learnt from their teacher.

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When you ask your child questions about your child’s teacher, you will be able to get an insight or hint about what kind of teacher they are, their method of teaching and their relationship with your child which is very important for developing and fostering child teacher relationship.

Some teachers are extremely nice and approachable; some are not approachable due to their facial expressions but are very nice if they summon courage to meet them while some are neither nice nor approachable.

You have to put your child or kid to test by asking how relatable their teacher is and even give them something to give the teacher or ask them. The reaction of the kid to your request will give you hint about what kind of teacher they are or how your kid relates with them.

If your kid is happy to talk to you about his/her teacher then they definitely get along and they have nice teaching atmosphere. But, if your kid is reluctant to talk about his/her teacher then it shows that the teacher is either stern, not approachable or someone students are not interested in. There is there for need to find and fix the missing link.

Teachers in its simplest meaning

Since teachers does not only exist in school, yes they exist outside school, a teacher is someone who is a professional or certified in a field and is licensed to impart knowledge in others to gain from their own experience  so they exist outside school. Teachers exist everywhere lessons, study or learning are needed be it school, academy, fields, sports or other activities.

With this definition it is safe to say that it is possible that a kid get along with their teacher in school but not the one in the extra lessons or vocational centers. Where they teach doesn’t matter but the ability of the child learning to be able to have a great connection and relationships to not only build themselves but also with others is the most important.

Side effect of a child not getting along with teacher

When a kid doesn’t get along with a teacher, they lose interest in whatever topic or lesson that particular teacher is taking them. They will never focus on the subject or like it, they will want to do everything they can to avoid the subject or be quiet as much as possible to not get involved with the teacher taking the subject which will affect their results directly or indirectly.

It is possible for a child to perform excellently in all subjects but be average or poor in a particular subject if they don’t like the teacher or have good relationship with the teacher.

As a parent, the moment one realize that the kid doesn’t have a great relationship with their teacher be it school or extra lessons or vocational teachers, they must not dismiss it but take necessary actions as swift as possible to ensure the success of the kid with that teacher.

How to help your child get along with teacher?

Here are some proven steps to take into consideration if you want to help your kids get along with their teacher;

  • Give them some time to get used to them

Leave your child and the teacher to get used to each other, let them meet one on one and let them interact with each other. Let them settle their differences and have a chance to move closer, they might be able to build a good relationship with this

  • Give them space

Let them have personal space to themselves, don’t interrupt in their sessions, take a step back and observe them, let them have fun or even hang out if possible by themselves, they will eventually become friends and get comfortable with each other.

Don’t be too pushy or try to make decisions for them, don’t force them on each other but instead create a favorable and less tense environment. If the kid sees that you are not being pushy about them accepting each other and you are not trying to stop them or get between them, he or she will cooperate and move closer to the teacher.

  • Talk it out with the child

You can talk to your child about why they don’t have a good relationship with their teacher. The kid can open up about them maybe being shy, reluctant, they not liking the teaching atmosphere, way of talking, even way of dressing, facial expressions, smell or any distraction no matter how small.

You can only know the problem when you talk it out with your child and know what they are experiencing, thinking or passing through as to why they don’t like the teacher. Strangely, sometimes it might even be the child having problem which is preventing the child from establishing a good relationship with the teacher but when parents ask and know the source of the problem, they can solve this and they will have a good relationship naturally.

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  • Don’t get angry at either of them but take it serious if no changes occur

If you’ve tried to give them space and talk it out with them, create a good atmosphere and convenient environment and it still doesn’t work, don’t get angry at either of them, you cannot force a relationship, you just have to put more effort and try other solutions.

  • Offer support

Try to give your all and work together with your partner to make it work, offer emotional, financial, academic, and physical and every other support you can offer to produce the best out of your child, try harder and try to fix the lapses and errors. Come into the picture and step in their middle, you can even be a middle man who will deliver the feelings of one to the other until they feel comfortable to talk with each other freely, then you can step back.

  • Talk it out with the teacher

You can call the teacher aside or set up a meeting with them, tell them to brief about every aspect of your child, how quick they cope, if they have the same attitude towards others or only a particular teacher.

Give them the space of freedom to tell you honestly about the kid without the fear that you will want to jump in and defend your kid blindly, they spend most times with the kid and will know what the problem entails. It might be that the child doesn’t want that vocational training or is finding the subject too difficult to understand.

  • Build good relationship with the teacher

Have a free and great relationship with the teacher. Make yourself available when needed and also request for result from the teacher. If the kid sees that you have a wonderful relationship with the teacher, there is probability that they will learn how to relate with the teacher on their own accord.

  • Let go

If you have tried all the methods above and it’s still not working, it is better to let go for the sake of your child or the teacher so both won’t get depressed the more in the process of aligning a good relationship. Let them go their separate ways though not in a fight atmosphere but make them understand why you are taking such decisions.

The relationship of your child and their teachers matter a lot, it is one of the keys of making your child successful in learning starting early childhood education aspects of academics they engage in within the box called school, don’t joke with it!

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Harmonizing your child with his/her teacher has lots of advantages despite It may take sometime. Good relationship: Fostering child teacher good relationship is still the best to help grow your child positively at school.

Following the steps listed above makes it more easier to achieve. with continuous efforts, trials and approach, the balance will be met and a good relationship will be made.

Despite my research still goes on’ so far this points has been proven to be effective. Be it known to you that all I mentioned are gathered from my experience interacting with children on daily bases from different background at home and in class base settings.

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