Staying Strong Always: Best Approach to Ways of Healthy Living and Lifestyle for Old and Young

Living a healthy lifestyle is not by capsules

This is very important and a must do by everyone who want to enjoy life fullest without any form of terminal diseases.

Living an healthy life style

As we grow it is required we stay healthy and strong always because life become short due to agent of the body system weakling off. A total life style or habit change is required to preserve us from terminal disease and to keep us healthy and happy always. Every person should as much as possible learn to control the intake of what ever may be harmful to his/her health.

Avoid reckless living

Considering a person age above thirty years that since has been living a reckless life style, now is the time you have for beginning to sober reflection on how to stop consumption of non health promoting diets in order to control and limit risk involve or exposure to terminal disease that may result from non healthy habit as you aged.

Life style with moderation

One of the first things to consider as we aged is living a typical life of moderation in every facet which may include what we eat, drink, do, say, action, gathering, retirement plan etc. There are many things to dos’ and don’t. We should avoid abuse of alcoholic drinks by drinking moderately for reckless drinking will surely has a negative impart on some body organs and definitely it will degenerate the body hormones system. And as to drinking little or no alcohol drinks should be choice else  we should consider taking more of fruits and water in order to enhance healthy functioning liver  and other related body system functionality.

Watch your ingestion

Consumption of fresh healthy foods and maintaining healthy diets is something we all know is rich in fiber, whole grains, fresh fruit and many more is a must eat.  We should consume more of organic food prepared from fresh vegetables, fruits alike in large quantity and not too much of canned stuffs as intake of too much of preservative in food  will endanger ones health.

Control intake of food seasoning where possible or resolve to eating of organic and natural food seasoning like locust bean, curry etc as they are good, promotes health and edible for consumption, many of it aids immunity and enhance functionality of the body system, you can find them in local market places. Go  easy or control intake of processed food will go long way to enhance health.

Food Supplements can be taken where and when necessary in that most were through researched made for improvement of our body system. It helps where there are deficiencies in one vitamin or the other and can help regulate blood circulations, revitalize immune system and stabilize blood sugar level and cholesterol.

Sleeping is magical

Taking enough rest will enhance healthy living, we should not deprive our self of sleep because of partying, hanging out, clubbing and all sort of youthful desires should be put to moderation. Taking a good sleep is another beauty model, it is natural solution for aging, sleeping shapes hormones production, brain functionality, immune booster, skins a many more positive things. Controlling stress and variety of disorder by mindfulness, playing on weekends is another strategy to assist in staying healthy I can’t mention it all.

Set control on thief of own time

Occupations which are thief of time should be look into, start considering other option where you can have time for you self, the kind that embrace vacation in due time. Better spend time with families, friends to make your self happy. Create time for the children, play time with kids should not be left to the woman alone, have time to eat together, read and pray together it enhance happiness hormones like endorphin, dopamine etc in the body system.

Have time to educate young sibling to control youthful lost and by so doing you become mentor they won’t want to lose and when you are aged they become distance friend you share happiness with. Easing off stress and strains mind, soul and spirit in a reserved resorts center is highly welcome, I mean a place to go and take in fresh breeze, feel the natural thing nature offer can help relax mind of things bothering you like anxiety.

Exercising with passion

Routine and regular exercises should not be missed out at any age, the vital organs of a human being will needs it to function properly. By exercising oneself, we can begin to know and feel our body system functionality more so it aids digestion, enhance bone marrow mineral density and osteoporosis. We can through this medium help regenerate a functional body system and blood circulation. For fatty people burning out of fats, flexibility of stiff joints and many more.

Amazing facts

Quite sure at this age we should understand that the body is no more the same as it used to be within age bracket of fiften and thirty years whence youthful desire is at pic.
Most of the terminal disease and deaths, stroke, erectile dysfunction issues, heart problems and many more occur among middle age people today due to habit that can be avoided. However it is not too late so for individual to put check and balance on negative attitude affecting good living. I mean people of this age bracket and still growing need to embrace a life style change that give room for successful living.

Staying happy is a choice

Living healthy and happy is a choice and I am sure everyone likes to be strong and healthy. Many out there at middle age were suffering for one sickness or the other, some looks older than they are, many die untimely death, good numbers play with so much Viagra because of erectile problem that is as result of youthful lost which ought not to be, sounding this simple solution of a change in life style will help long way.

Polluted Atmosphere

We are all living in the world that is polluted, knowing fully well this is real should be eye-opening for individual to stop habit which include smoking, reckless drinking, reckless sex to mention but few.

Many sickness really do not require drugs but change in habits and way of living. Many sickness have been solved through just drinking of water, some eating of fruits, exercise and living a healthy lifestyle.
A drastic changes takes place in us when we are at age thirtyfive years and above, in turn it can live us not as strong as we use to be before when we abused our body by putting pressures that only youthful bodies can take on our aging bodies and this can be killing of our body system, please take good care of yourself.

Coming Back

Digestive system become weakling as we age, it tends to become less functional therefore considering eating dinner; please, if possible it should be taken early, little water is good before ingestion, fruit is not a bad option too before eating. Light food and fruits should be given consideration and fiber is very important option. Fiber will help you feel more energetic and give you fuel to keep going and it can be easily digested, eat with taste and not with filling of vacuum.

Meat Salt And Sugar

Natural food prepared with organic seasoning is required. Intake of Red meat like cow should be substituted with white meat which include snails, rabbit etc. Sugar is one of the major poison should be avoided else consume honey in lieu. Cold/Iced water is another agents that destroys body systems. Too many salts should also be avoided. Eat more on high-fiber fruits, vegetables and grains.

Plan Medical Check Up

Regular check up on our body system to include blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, breast, prostrate and so on will be very helpful. Bless you all fellow middle ages, we have gotten to that stage when we don’t think of every other person and leave ourselves unattended to, think of yourself more now, the family need you to stay well.

The more we age the higher the risk to terminal illness. One may experience any types of illnesses ranging from poor sighted, dementia, Asthma, Insomnia, infections etc.  But the one I am most worried about is Alzheimer’s. Not only would I not be able to look after myself, but it would cause a lot of inconvenience to family members so please start taking good care of yourself.

Sense Organ Exercise

We all know the five sense organ in the body i need not mention. Quickly I want to emphasis on the one for taste (Tongue) and sight (Eyes) and how to exercise them. Because by so doing it is effective to reduce the onset of Alzheimer’s,. Think I am funny until you start trying it out and see positive result in doing it please help others too.

Tongue straining early morning after you wake up is good in this direction in – out not less than ten times, up – down same, left – right same, roll, fold up and down and twist same, tighten it to the teeth close mode and thereafter use the taste bud to feel the salivary gland on both side of the mouth.

Eyes rolling moves are very simple and easy to learn and can easily be done each morning, when you wash your face, in front of a mirror, do the exercise Eyes close mode and open mode this way movement of the pupil up down, open close of lashes, pupil turn right and left, roll clock wise and anti clock wise, open eyes wide and short tight  like squeezing as many nothing less than ten times.
Since I started exercising my tongue and eyes daily  there was improvement in the functionality of my brain, very active hearing and no headache simple by shaking my head fast in few seconds after the exercise. Know that the tongue and eyes has connection with the brain and mind. Aging equally tell on the sense organ and by exercising it helps a long way in reducing risk to partial stroke. I am open to discussion with series of prove through experience.

Why Worry

Do not worry too much about anything, pray and give thanks always, life is full of challenges some if you can solve go ahead and solve it, other you can not solve drop it and move on, those you can manage keep doing but have it at the back of your mind that life has a way of solving its problem while time solve many.

Time and chances happen to us all so stay focus, control your temper in any occasion, stay clear from troubles, make yourself happy as no one else can do. You have reason to be happy in as much you are alive any condition can be subject to change either positive or negative depending on the role you play. Challenges earlier solved is controlling is simple solving foreseen problems.

“He who has sound health has hope for life here on earth is once and it is worth living; live and let live”.

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