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Growing Excellent Kids (TODDLERS, PRESCHOOL AND ELEMENTARY) With Value Added Educational Video Facts has it that 80% of kids can recall a video content they viewed in the past 30 days. 70% of pupils would rather watch a video to learn about a topic, then read the text format. Accepting these facts can be informative…

Indoor Games For Educational Growth of Your Child.

Games’ Best For Promoting Children Learning At Home Often, humans work most hours of the day therefore, needs to rest; relaxation is inevitable and playing games is one of the best way to wipe off stress of the day aside resting, sleeping, watching movies etc. What are games? Games are activities we engage in for…

How to Meet Needs of Infants?

By Ifeoluwa Akinola Recognizing the indispensable needs of your infant and how to meet it. Infants Your child is an infant from birth till around 1-2years old. At this point infants are helpless and harmless. He can’t talk, expresses his discomfort in cries. He develops from just staring, to having to smile (if properly taking…

Control child’s Aggressive Behavior Timely.

How to instill aggressive behavioral control in a child? Peoples including children, experience rage and hostility one time or the other. That is to say displaying aggressive behavior is common to majority of us especially when we feel hurt, cheated or being interfered when trying to exercise claims.   What is aggressive behavior? Aggressive behavior…

Create Time Out with Family: Why?

By Elizabeth Abiona Progressive family bond building strategy. Alas parents! Create time out with family now else… Are you informed? Findings shows that not setting aside timeout for family togetherness is one of the basic reasons why families bonds are collapsing this days and the impact is not friendly to our general society. Fact is…

Why Preschoolers Needs Play at Toys?

Proven way to develop your child’s brain and intellects. Preschoolers needs play at toys! why? Because, fun learning play activities develops children intellects faster than most parents think. Absolutely; it’s one of the best strategic ways experience caregivers grow and develop children in their care starting early in childhood though, majority of millennium parents don’t…

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