Play based learning activities with preschoolers

Play based Activities for Preschoolers Development.

Fun learning play based activities best for developing preschoolers.

Preschoolers are children not old enough to start schooling however, they must grow learning through engagement with play base activities proven to help them learn and assimilate.

Play based activities for children who fall withing age 1 to 3 years old (who are not yet grown up to stage of starting school) are many but herein in this article, I will mention and explain few tested and proven ones that will help to not only grow but also develop their mind and brain positively if rightly administered by parents/guardians, caregivers etc. .

Guardian of children at this stage will agree with me that despite this kids are not grown to start schooling yet it does not mean they are not learning.

At this period; instead of allowing this category of children to wonder lost into unreasonable play activities while exploring their immediate environment, parents can use the periods to aids their brain development with structured fun play which will help prepare and get them ready for school.

Engaging children meaningfully with play activities means pro active preparedness for lifelong learning. This makes kids to gradually familiarized themselves and will not be new to learning, and in turn will help them to be able to pick up learning things faster sure’ advantage to gaining knowledge and skills over other children in their category that not exposed to same activities.

What is play based learning?

Play based learning is the way of teaching a child using what they see as fun but is indirectly spicing up their thinking, social and cognitive abilities.

Findings about play based learning.

Play based learning have been studied over the years with various procedures used, aspects tested and confirmed to be an effective way of developing children’s skills and even making them learn quickly.

Parents, while your child hops around with the adrenaline of freedom of movement and pumps of energy let start using it for a good cause that will benefit you as parent and also your child.

It is good time to seize the opportunity of the period to shape your child learning abilities and help polish and develop it as a parent by making use of play based learning activities listed and explain below:

Play based learning activities for preschoolers

Play based learning with arts

Art is one the widest field existing in the world because it comprises of many arms and branches. Arts as small as its spelling and pronunciation might look or sound like is very broad and large.

Art is fun and a very good place for exploration because it comprises of pure talents displayed into things, objects, motion or even visuals for the satisfaction of people’s admiration and happiness.

Arts through the years have been a source of knowledge; social activities that bring people together from all around the world just because of similar interests (authors, artists, sports etc.) fans are all brought together because of the same taste they share through what they love.

Even in countries, dancing, festivals, singings have been carried high because of the fun, happiness, intimacy and eradication of discrimination it brings to the human society.

A preschooler can actually pick up interests in painting and drawings through dipping their hands in paint and placing it on empty sheets of paper, drawing whatever they like and paint over it with crayons and color pencils.

They have fun while smearing themselves and everywhere with paints and crayons but actually they brain might pick interest in that if they continue and they will do a better job as time goes by, they will even be able to discover their talents for it if by chance they have it.

If they carry out the singing and dancing routine regularly, they might develop interest in doing either of the two or both of them. They can pick up a career from there if you discover they probably have singing skills or dancing skills and they also want to pursue the interest, it makes it easier for them to get their goals early and work towards it.

The most interesting part is they will perform wonderfully and excellently in any aspect they choose through this method because they chose not because of influence but interest.

Emptying and filling of containers play activity

Place two bowl full of colorful pencils and pen in each of them in front of the kid and let them scatter it then tell them to arrange it in order of which they had originally met it. If they fail, arrange it for them and tell them to scatter them all over.

They will have fun scattering them, mixing them up and playing with them but as time goes on, they begin to see the difference and know where each one of the objects they touch belong, they will not mix them up anymore.

This will develop their recognition and discerning skills, they will feel the sense to differentiate between things when they are placed in front of them and that will give them upper hand when they finally start schooling.

Play based activity with Park plays

Let them visit the parks and have the fun of their lives on the swing, houses, slides and roller coasters.

Their survival instincts will be sparked as they hang on to the safety measures like grabbing the strings of the swing, sliding down the slides while being careful and even keeping their seat belts in check on roller coasters.

A child wired this way will not have any issue in obeying the traffic laws and when they are taught in school, they will quickly get a hang of it.

Academics is not the only thing a child should learn, they have to learn the society ethics too.

At parks they will make friends with other kids quickly. They will exchange toys, foods, dolls and whatever they have to offer which will improve their social skills because they have mingled with kids in their age range regularly so they won’t feel awkward, left out or shy at school when they finally begin schooling.

Hide and seek play based activity

Hide and seek is a game of survival and also a desire to fish something out at all costs. You can play hide and seek with them or use an object, hide and tell them to find you or tell them to hide and you will find them.

You can also hide objects and tell them to look for it with a reward of their favorite snacks attached to it.

This will build their tenacity and desires, if finding things become part of them, they will apply it to their academics, because they will want to find the result or answer to any problem placed in front of them.

Throwing things into buckets play based activity

You can also make your kids throw soft balls into buckets to see how focused and concentrated they are.

Continuous practice and failure will build their competitive spirit and they will be able to learn how to calm down, concentrate and focus.

When favorite food, chocolate or gift is attached, they will do their best to throw in as much as possible.

Their brain will strategize and develop a new approach so they ball can land in the bucket and they will be able to claim their attached rewards.

Other play activities one can expose preschoolers to are block play, sack races, color discerning, board games and so on.

Every moments and activities matter in the life of growing kids because whatever they encounter or are exposed to regularly stick on their brain for a very long time and they work towards that attitude or belief.

Glad you come this far which shows you now understand play based activities best for preschoolers and can actually start helping children of this category to learn meaningfully by engaging with fun learning play activities while they explore their immediate environment.

Have one or other things to compliment this writeup, please feel free to use the comment box below; sure your voice is heard.

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