Baby Car Seat

Car Seat Best for Baby safety

Best safety car seat to keep child safe onboard.

Safety is one of the top priority a parents must consider while on board with our child or children, Agreed or not?

Consider the fact that findings shows that thousands of young children are killed or sustain injury in auto crashes; as result of neglects ‘not keeping them safe in safety car seat’ while on board.

That will not be my, yours and our love ones portion I prayed. However, I am very conscious of the saying safety first.

car seat for baby is on board safety sign

Safety is one of the first thing to keep as breast plate when we going to be on board with or without our little ones. I re-emphasis that the proper use of baby safety car seats will helps keep our kids safe while onboard.

What is baby car seat?

Simply mean a portable child car seat or a special kind of seat designed, built and can be fastened to an automobile seat for baby/child safe sitting in a car while driving around.

Our best top 3 picked baby car seat

Below are our top best 3 safety car seat selected for your convenience and baby comforts.

  1. Luna Baby Car Seat

Rating: 6.5 out of 5.

Luna Baby Car Seat

Infant car seat with baby ride rear facing. A convertible car seat. Quality cushion, great value with durable and washable seat cover machine wash friendly. Good for age 0 to 1 years old, light weight car seat.

  1. Lmv Baby Car Seat

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Lmv baby car seat safety child onboard

LMV Baby Car Seat

Car seat best for toddlers and preschoolers. Head cushion flexible support. Easy adjustable base fit conveniently to automobile seat. Soft washable seat cover. Suitable for age 2 to 5years old child. Comes in different colors.

  1. Chicco Kids fit Car Seat

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Chicco kids fit car seat

Easy to install and used flexible belt guides. Car seat best for school age and elementary kids. Adjustable reclining seat with removable back rest convertible and can be use as a backless booster car seat. Machine washable seat cover and lots more. Best for Age 5-13year old.

Essentials things to know about safety car seat

Absolutely, best child safety car seat is what I’ve been talking about so far. Read on to be more enlighten about other things to know like its’ meaning, importance, choosing best buy etc. its good to be informed.

If you got not one (Baby car seat) please it time you give a special consideration ASAP having handy the right information you need herein.   

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Types of baby safety car seat.

Herein are list of five(5) types of design already built and in use; it includes:

  • Infant car seat
  • 3 in 1 car seat
  • Convertible car seat
  • Booster seats
  • Special needs car seat

How to choose best baby car seat?

To pick a right seat below are things to put into consideration:

  • Search online to have better understanding of types available in market.
  • Consider federal motor vehicle safety standard 213 is labeled on the seat you want to pick. As if that is not enough,
  • Avoid going for a second hand seat for you can’t tell if is already damaged.
  • Fill out the product registration card data to get instant feedback/recall on how long the seat is suitable for use.
  • Check to see that there is no missing parts. Confirm manufacture date, model number and the instruction manual on how to install and use.
  • Learn and understand how to install the baby car seat, how to fasten the harness, attach same to your automobile car seat before you put your child inside it for first time.   

Where to buy baby car seat?

Lots of places out there in bricks and mortar, malls and of course you can order it online from our partners eCommerce store (Jumia eCommerce) or (Konga eCommerce) which is always the best considering original, safe and home delivery and good return policy. We also get you covered if you use any of our link(affiliate) to buy meaning you are contributing to the growth of our platform sure at no additional cost to you.

Why are baby car seat important?

Safety is the main reason that covers all. The idea behind using a baby car seat which can also be term as child safety seat is to keep safe or protect kids while we drive car in case there is an auto crash.

It’s also a law guiding child safety on board. Choosing the right baby car seat and using it correctly is also a determinant for safe landing peradventure there is an auto crash.

Car Seat for Child Safety Recommendation

Starting to drive out with baby onboard, an infant will use rear facing seat or convertible. While they grow to become toddler, you will switch to forward facing seats and thereafter move on to a booster car seat.

Baby safety car seat is vital and a must have for parents who drive around with little ones. Aside from abiding to law, it is worth peace of mind knowing that your baby is safe on board. Despite lots of designs and brands out there to choose from.

It is good to know which meet the standard in terms of safety, ease of use and maintainable. By now no more worry as this article got you cover having carried out research and findings to help our readers choose and buy quality from the top picked 3 baby safety car seat. You can take a breath and choose one from the list above.

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