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Importance of Student Teacher Relationship

By: Oyewale S. A Xander

In the words of Dr. P.J Caposey, ‘Great teachers focus not on compliance but on connections and relationships’ which implies the importance of student teacher relationship to aids learning and assimilation.

Great importance is not only attach to learning but a determining factor is contained in the “who” teaches and impact knowledge. Over the years, it is said that; to love a subject is easier when the teacher is loved, respected and accepted by the students. Let’s view into basic concept of student teacher relationship

Concept of Student Teacher Relationship

The dictionary defined a teacher as one whose occupation is to teach, instruct and communicate to another the knowledge of that which he was before ignorant. And, a student as a person who is dedicated and devoted to learning, who seeks knowledge from a teacher.

In this notion, student teacher relationship can simply be express as a cordial or close friendly interaction between the teacher as one who impact knowledge and the student as the one that is impacted.

Research shown that students spend about one quarter of their time in school and a greater part of it in their respective classroom with teacher. That is why it is very important to build an healthy relationship that will foster mutual benefit for both (student and teacher) in order to enhance conducive learning atmosphere. You are likely to query ‘why is the need for student teacher relationship’?

Why is the need for student teacher relationship?

The student teacher relationship is however united by an unbroken cord over the years which is learning and assimilation. Learning! Yes; as a drive and desire to know more and be impacted is the basic need for cordial student teacher relationship.

Learning” as a multifaceted concept which involves both formal and informal learning. This is a great deal for parents/guardians and educationist around the globe whose utmost joy is to see their wards acquire knowledge meaningfully.

However, the effectiveness of a teacher is known by how student are able to learn, understand and assimilate within the learning environment, sure; both the teachers and students can not stay in isolation within the learning environment as they are dependent on one another for effectiveness.

As much as acquiring knowledge is important, a teacher helps learn significant things. Hence, it is important for every teacher not to quit believing in the inbuilt power of every student and it is great when student never stop learning.

Importance of student teacher relationship

Beyond learning, every child seeks guidance and advice, it is important for teachers to be approachable, correct pupils with love and not to be a critics. As learning is important so is the relationship between the student and teacher as it encourages a fueled passion for learning.

It is important to understand that a friendly relationship within the learning environment is both beneficial to both students and teachers as it encourages active participation among others.

student teacher relationship
Cordial Student Teacher Flute Training Class

Research also shown that when there is a deep connection between the teacher and student, then it is more likely for student to be more engaged in learning and it encourage sound academic performance.

For any relationship to thrive, trust is fundamental in nourishing any interaction that exist among individuals. As much as children wants to be around a teacher, they also need someone they could trust and talk with,share opinion with without been criticized.

Hence, harmonise and good friendly relationship between the teacher and student promotes trust; which is the ability to rely on the teacher’s guidance as a friend. Below are few reasons why student teacher relationship is important;

  • High grades and assimilation

Students tend to be enthusiastic about learning when they are carried along with  activities done within the classroom. Deep connection with the students helps them stay motivated, inspired and challenged to attain better grades and perform excellently in class. Student tend to assimilate well in a serene atmosphere void of pressure.

  • Improved learning and teaching techniques

Friendly relationship within the classroom and its’ environment, is an improved learning and teaching method for both students and teachers as they both tend to understand and explore their various learning and teaching patterns that is appropriate for effective interactive learning.

  • Active learning

One of the qualities a teacher must possess is the ability to observe and know the personal needs and limitation that pose as distraction to his/her student. Activeness in learning is one of the benefit of a friendly and cordial relationship between teacher and student.

Determinant of student teacher relationship

The importance of a teacher students relationship in learning can not be over emphasized as it is relatively a dominant factor for easy learning earlier discussed.

Therefore, like every good relationship that coexist among peoples, various factors are paramount for a cordial students teacher relationship. And this factors are the determinant of cordial student teacher relationship enumerated below.

  • Trust Factor

Trust is absolute confidence, hope and faith in a person; ability to confide in people and feel safe with them. For an effective communication among teachers and students. Developing trust fosters emotional security as well as a safe and convenient atmosphere.

  • Love

The basis of every relationship is love; ability to make every student feel cared for without been biased. When a student realize how much respect and love the teacher has and show to him/her without discrimination, it makes easy for openness and less tensed learning atmosphere.

  • Friendly company

In reality, most students never wish for a friendly relationship with his/her teacher, neither do they want a close interaction and this makes the teachers distant to the pupil and the teacher never tend to know the appropriate learning techniques suitable for the students. It is important for teachers to be friendly with his/her student in order to learn how best they can impact the pupils. But the term “friend” should not be misused by either of the party (teacher or student).

Students spend a greater part of their time in classroom, students also need someone they could express themselves to and if the friendly interaction is missing, it will become impossible to understand a child greatest fear.

  • Conducive Learning atmosphere

No student feel safe in a tensed environment, to promote cordial student teacher relationship, the learning atmosphere is a great deal as no child can learn in a threatened environment; no child would assimilate in a pressured classroom environment. And so, it is important for both the student and teacher to maintain a safe atmosphere for learning.

  • Kindness

There is a saying that no one can resist kind heart, kindness compasses the quality of being nice and affectionate. A teacher student relationship is much valued when the teacher is affectionate and generous to the student.

  • Empathy

An exceptional quality of a teacher is the ability to understand the thoughts, feelings or the emotional state of another person, and been sympathetic to others most especially his/her students. Empathy fosters a secure emotional state of the student, as they feel safe around such teacher and strongly believe they can confide in teacher.

How to foster cordial student teacher relationship?

To foster cordial students teacher relationship, teachers must treat their students according to their individual personalities with love and utmost care.

Human being varies and so are the students. As what amuse one, might get another child furious. It is however important for teachers to get to know his/her students as separate individuals and as group where necessary.

Benefits of student teacher relationship

The benefit doesn’t limit to both party but to the environ which include parents, community, society, economy and the future.

  • It encourages proactiveness: A well fostered student teacher relationship encourages the ability to deal with difficult situation as their thinking faculties is properly utilized within the classroom environment.
  • Cordial student teacher relationship produces and help nurture students who are well cultured and mannered in the society.
  • It encourages peace and tolerance in the society: Ability to be tolerant of others are been imbibed in the students as they bond with both teachers and other students.
  • Improved academic performance in students: It is the delight of every parents to see his or her wards excel well in their school work, a good student teacher relationship helps the student perform well.
  • It brings about societal development as well as a sane environment where there are less atrocities.

By now, you have handy information you need to help your little one foster good relationship with his/her teacher and you can boldly share with others the benefit of cordial student teacher relationship.

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Coming this far tells you are now informed about why student teacher relationship is very important to aids learning. You are also enlighten on the determinant of cordial student teacher relationship and how you can help grow an outstanding kids by closing the gap that is negating active learning in class base settings.

I am sure you have a contribution to make, kindly feel free to let us hear your view, using our comment box below. And knowing fully well that, information is power so please feel free to like and share same for others to benefit. And let it also interest you to follow us in order to stay abreast of our subsequent publication. Thanks for reading.

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