Child Development Milestone 'Newborn Baby to Two Weeks Old'
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Child Development Milestone ‘Newborn Baby to Two (2) Weeks Old’

By: Abiona Elizabeth

Child Development Milestone: Guide to know your newborn to two(2) weeks old baby development

Important information you need to know about child development during the period of newborn to 2 weeks old baby cares and development.

General Baby Milestones

Observe Your Baby :

  • Your baby shows reflex like sucking and rooting.
  • Your baby controls the body arms and legs from both left and right side while awake.
  • Your baby is sensitive to sounds
  • Your little one can focus on object near his/her face and up to 15 inches away briefly
  • Your child sucks and sleeps well
  • Your baby may have reflexive smiles and chuckles.

Baby stimulations


  • Interacting with child is essential, keep talking and loving your offspring’s’ it is active way of emotional and cognitive development.
  • Pick toys that are of high contrast color, this gear your baby to see and start moving his/her eyes; white, black and red are good take to start.
  • Help your child eyes reflexes to be active; put your face close to your child face and move your head slowly from center to right or left side observing that your baby eyes follows the movement.
  • Play cool music or pick a choice toys that have cool rhymes; make the volume low or mild to hear and let your baby listen to it enabling his/her audience.

Home care for little kids


  • Your little one is very fragile and should be handle with care. Hold firmly his/her neck when carrying or bathing.
  • Protect your baby head/skull with oil and wear him/her a wool. Be very careful of your baby fontanelle i.e. the soft spot on baby head.
  • Check your child diapers often to ensure he is cleaned and also well feed, don’t wait until cries before you feed.


Protection against implications:

  • No vaccination required.

Child’s nutrition’s at this age


  • Breast feeding is highly recommended.
  • Be very attentive to your little one, good to feed on demand but don’t wait till crying.
  • Better watch or be attentive to sign like rooting, mouth fluttering, head bobbing, fist sucking it depict your baby need suck breast.

Connect with doctor’ if?

Medical check up:

  • If you notice any kind of fall in your baby.
  • If Baby has a shrinking fontanelle it could be a sign of dehydration.
  • If baby has any form of slight feverish condition that makes temp rise to 37 degree Celsius.
  • If you notice an oozy umbilical stump that is smelly.

Mothers health & wellbeing

Mom care:

  • Make yourself happy, eat good food on time, more of vegetables, fruits, enough water and sleep well.
  • Embrace plenty support during this early days of motherhood, cheer your husband up with simple thank you and prayers.
  • Embrace a postnatal massage and cares.

Daddy’s roles

  • Provide good food for the mother.
  • Make available your baby accessories,
  • Give necessary support in house chore.
  • Enhance an enabling and conducive environment for your newborn.
  • Eat good food, drink enough water and sleep well.

Take home note


Swaddling helps keep your baby calm and sleep especially when is frightened or startled.

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