Essential Baby Needs: Best Care Experience for Maternity and Newborn Baby'
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Essential Baby Needs

By: Abiona Elizabeth

Best care experience for pregnant mother and newborn baby’ review and buying guide.

Raising an happy child is very important, and to crown your parenting efforts you must not only know essential baby needs to give your little one best care and experience but also do it.

Essential baby needs' best for maternity mother of newborn baby
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Upbringing stages are period that can not be repeated. Sure, it comes but ones. The experience could be worth remembering if a parent/guardian make it memorable’ by giving your child topnotch and outstanding cares.

I am addressing this issue as a mother of four handsome and beautiful children who is here to help other parents to enjoy upbringing kids. Meaning, I am experienced and fully informed. And a plus in it is that, I am educationist

The cares of a child though, verse. Mention it? Good health, fashion, education, home training, socializing just to mention but these few are all basics things a child must enjoy while he/she grew up. Are you wandering where you need to start from? Don’t worry, I get you covered already.

This article is prepared to ease your burden. I have collated the most important information you need herein through research, findings and experience in order to get new parents in town informed about essential baby needs’ most importantly best products you must acquire for cares and comforts’ putting a smiles on your child’s face and yours.

The most essential needs that you can’t do without which include maternity, feeding, nursing, diapering, apparel, gears, safety and car seats form basic of my discussion and are covered inclusively.

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Thanks for your mutual understanding and without wasting lot of our time let’s go on with our discussion subject matters essential baby needs.

Essential Baby Needs’ for Pregnant Mom and Unborn Child

During the stage of conceiving a child to time of delivery and child upbringing are different periods that attract diverse cares. Fact is parent/guardian most especially Moms need prepared with the mentioned below essentials needs for baby and herself starting from:


The stage mother conceived and is expectant of a baby “Prenatal”. Aside scans; may be or likely not sure of what baby sex she is expecting. However, these are few essential things that Mom can have handy for herself and baby comforts. Yes’ very essential needs before baby arrival.

Full body pregnancy pillow

It is a maternity pillow designed specifically to suits and support ever changing curves and contours of Moms body structure during pregnancy.

Special made full body pillow for pregnant women to offer comforting support for respective sleeping positions of the entire body.

Find herein two different typical example of pregnancy pillow “C shaped and U shaped” pillow for easy selection

C Shaped Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The pregnancy body pillow adjustable C-Shaped maternity pillow is designed to fit suitably for the natural body contours of pregnant woman. It serve the purpose of relieving stress, pains and discomforts during laying down or sleeping.

C Shaped Full Body Pregnancy Pillow
C Shaped Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

This maternity whole body pillow also provides belly, arms, back support for breast feeding, nursing, watching TV and reading. It is of high density and extra soft material 100% polyester peach skin and premium filling.

C-Shaped pregnancy full body pillow gives pregnant women great comfort night sleep providing a comfortable position you love. This simply eradicate need for multiple bed pillow helping smartly support your back, hips, joints, knees, need and head.

U Shaped Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

U-Shaped is a unique design and ergonomical full body pregnancy pillow that lets pregnancy/maternity mom get a good night sleep.

It design follow the natural shape of the pregnant woman body giving full cushion and support for body contours. Making it excellent pillow for pregnant women and just about anyone else.

U Shaped Full Body Pregnancy Pillow
U Shaped Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

It is also a good take for comfortable night sleep for support of back, hips, knees, neck and head to help ease any form of discomfort associated with sciatica, fibromyalgia, gastric reflux, pregnancy and more.

U-shape pregnancy multifunctional body support pillow that can easily be formed into diverse position for sleeping, reading, watching TV or just relaxing. It very durable made of premium cover, super soft jersey body covering 100% polyester with double zipper for easy removal and machine washable.

Pregnancy support belly waist back maternity belt

In real sense this belts are flexible Pregnancy Belly Bands designed to support the lower back and abdomen during pregnancy. It provides many benefits to pregnancy women who are active. Best use during the second and third trimesters

Pregnancy Support Belly Waist Back Lumber Maternity Belt

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Pregnant women are with additional weight which are irresistible. Weight that required support on back and lumber which seldom cause discomfort for pregnant women. The Belt support is designed to control this weight that is inevitable.

Pregnancy support belly waist back maternity belt
Pregnancy Support Belly Waist Back Maternity Belt

Pregnancy support belly maternity belt is design such a way that it relieves pain in the abdomen, back, lumber and waist. It works seemly to transfer weight evenly by providing gentle support which help pregnant women to feel better.

Wearing it doesn’t feasibly show under clothing. Meaning it can be worn all day at home and at work. It can also serve as a postpartum belt to re shape posture issue after baby delivery

Fetal Doppler

As you journey through maternity, interaction between Mom and baby is inevitable. Moment of joy are times when baby kicked. Sure, you want to feel more IN charge as an expectant Mom.

Most likely, you want to know how your baby is performing? Yes’ Fetal doppler is a device to observe the moment. A fetal Doppler is a test tool that uses sound wave to check baby’s heartbeat.

Ultrasonic Portable Detector Fetal Doppler with Color Display Baby Heart Monitor for Pregnant Women

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Handheld Fetal Doppler Baby Heartbeat Ultrasound Detector
Handheld Fetal Doppler Baby Heartbeat Ultrasound Detector

This devices is an ultrasound and can be a handheld type that is capable of detecting changes in movement of baby, baby heartbeats inside the womb that translate to sound. Above is a quality handheld type fetal doppler you need to have handy.


Fact is being pregnant is just 50% of the whole story of child bearing. Sure, this stage is more of preparation ground of motherhood.

Thereafter delivery, the experience of motherhood begin in areas like breastfeeding, diapering, safety etc. Let have a look into takes of feeding and it intricacies.

Essential Baby Needs for Smooth Newborn Feeding Operations


Happy for you’ thanks be to God for safe delivery. And now that your little one is right here with you. First thing first as respect to standard cares, giving your baby breast milk for the next 6 month is the best.

Achieving this is easy by having handy these few essential things that enhance smooth baby cares and feeding operations.

Breast Feeding Pillow

Though, some mothers had smooth breast feeding some does experience difficulties during few starting period and not until both mother and baby sync and this takes up weeks depending.

However, this challenges can easily be overcome by the use of maternity nursing breastfeeding pillow shown below.

Unisex Nursing Pillow ‘Breast feeding pillow’

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This is a multipurpose baby nursing and breastfeeding pillow that can be used to position baby for a befitting and comfortable breastfeeding or bottle feeding for both lactating mother and child.

Nursing Pillow Breast Feeding Mother
Nursing Pillow for Breast Feeding Baby/Infants

It is design in such a way that it gives reliefs to mother arms, back and breast. A good position bonding tool for mom and child as a perfect support pillow during breast feeding, propping, tummy time and baby learning to sit.

Elevate Adjustable Nursing Pillow

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Best comforting breastfeeding pillow during nursing. Elevate adjustable nursing pillow is innovative lactating mother nursing design breastfeeding pillow that suitable to help you maintain the ideal position for whining.

Adjustable Nursing Pillow Breast Feeding Pillow
Adjustable Nursing Pillow For Breastfeeding Baby/Infant

The design is layered petals that easily create perfect angle for newborn, growing infants and older babies. Adjustable type of breastfeeding pillow to lift your little one into proper position that can comfortably reduce stress on mom back, neck and arm during breastfeeding.

Perfect for mom recovering from C-Section, perfect for folds up for traveling, perfect for laying down to breast feed and machine washable 100% polyester.

Breastfeeding pillow is a device that will assist fine during this period as it is ergonomically design to serve this purpose of giving you and your baby comforting cushion to position well and enjoy breastfeeding comely.

Breast pad (Nursing pad)

This can be disposable/washable material stuff like cotton pad designed to be worn against lactating Mom nipples before brassier to absorb leaked milks.

It serve the purpose of absorbing any milk that may leak between period of feeding. Often time inserted between the bra and the breast of a nursing mother. Quality samples of nursing pad is below shown

Nursing Mother Breast Pads (Reusable) 4 In a Pack by 2 Pack

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Nursing Mother Breast Pads
Best nursing mother breast pads (Washable) worn between nipples and Bra to absorb leak milk

Postpartum girdle

Postpartum girdle is a gear also called post pregnancy girdle. It is a medical grade compression garment designed for to fit firmly around nursing mother belly to help in shape recovery after child delivery.

This girdle has whole lots of benefits which include improving posture, reducing back pain, stabilizing pelvic floor, enhance shape recovery after child birth to mention just few. Herein is post pregnancy girdle

Postpartum Girdle Support Recovery Belly Wrap 3 In 1

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Postpartum girdle  for after child birth shape recovery
Best Post Pregnancy Girdle

Breast Milk Extractor Pump

A device lactating women use to extract milk from their breasts. It is known to be a mechanical device, can be either manually operated by hand or foot movement or else it can be automatic meaning powered by electricity.

Best selected best milk extractor is below shown with respective link to where you can easily get one.

Dr Gym Double Electric USB Breast Milk Extracting Pump

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Breast Milk Extracting Pump Electric USB Type
Breast Milk Extracting Pump – Electric USB

Breast milk storage bag

Breast milk storage bag is typical container which lactating mother can use to store extra breast milk safe for use instead of wasting the milk.

Else, the breast milk you extract is more than what your baby can finish at a go, breast milk storage bag is a good take for you.

Breast Milk Storage Freezer Bags Double Lock 30 pieces Best types you can have handy

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Breast Milk Storage  Freezer Bag
Breast Milk Storage Freezer Bags

If you are modern days mom who is shy about breastfeeding your little one in public places, Breast milk storage bag can be of good use most especially when you are attending ceremonies.

Or If you are a nursing mom and still lactating but your routine is tight attending various scheduled meeting time to time.

Peradventure, you are the type that keep your little one with nanny during the period of first 6month breastfeeding exercise.

Sure, you can use free period to extract milk and pour into breast milk storage bag to keep for your baby.


A pacifier is made of either a rubber, plastic or silicone often shaped into nipple for baby/infants to suck on. It is design for purpose of satisfying the needs of suckling baby distress between feeding.

Newborn Baby Dummy Pacifier Colorful Free BPA Silicone Orthodontic

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Burp cloth

When feeding or whining a baby/infant, tendency that he/she is going to regurgitate milk is certain therefore burp cloth is what you will use to wipe it out.

Burp cloth is made of soft cotton layer and breathable mesh absorbent microfiber layer at the back. A typical example best for your use is shown below

3 Pack Baby Burp Cloths

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Baby Burp Cloth

Best Baby Burp Cloth

Awesome! just like it was yesterday, 6months of breastfeeding is here gone, baby burping is override and becoming more matured to start eating other baby food formula that will further enhance growth.

Be happy, it is a thing of joy as a mom finally relaxing from lactating. Sure’ I cares about you and have safe you of the stress of thinking about what baby food formula works and which is the best formula for your infant at age 6month and above?

Baby Food Formula

Baby formula can simply mean infant formula. It can also mean baby/infant milk or some call it first milk. Baby formula is a manufactured baby food designed and marketed for feeding to babies and infants above 6month and below 12months of age.

Often times it is prepared by turning it from powdery form to liquid and served in bottle feeder or cup feeder. Shown below are best baby food

Baby Feeding Food

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Baby food Formula

Temperature sensing feeding spoon and fork

Having this device handy makes it easier for nursing Mom to easily and quickly know the degree of hotness of their baby food during preparation.

This spoon and fork works like magic by changing color as an added safety feature indicating too hot, warm or cold to feed to baby.

Baby Safety Silicone Temperature Sensing Spoon and Fork

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Food temperature sensing silicon feeding spoon and fork
Food temperature sensing silicon feeding spoon and fork

Baby Milk Bottle and Food Warmer

Baby milk bottle and food warmer is a device that makes it easy for you to warm the milk in a baby’s bottle to the correct temperature for feeding fast and timely.

The type that is handy and can easily be packed with your luggage peradventure you are going distance. Putting into consideration many other choice to suite your demand. Find below the best milk bottle warmer.

Multifunctional baby milk bottle and food warmer

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Baby Milk and Food Warmer Electric Multifunctional
Electric Baby Milk and Food Warmer Multifunctional

Baby Vacuum Hot Water Flask

Think there is need to be proactive about baby food preparation? Absolutely’ baby food formula often required you use hot water/look warm water to prepare it.

In order to safe time, boiling and keeping water in vacuum hot water flask is what you need. Quality vacuum hot water flask that is durable and capable of keeping water hot for longer period without contamination.

Hot Cold Water Vacuum Tea Coffee Pot Flask

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
Vacuum Hot Water Flask
Vacuum Hot Water Flask Master Chef

Best teether for your little one

Teether are toys termed chew toy. It’s a device for infants teething meant to be chewed rather than suck. Some are filled with fluid/gel which can be refrigerated .

Baby often get comfort and relief while the grow teeth by chewing on toys like baby teether. Meaning tender gums of your baby feel soothing and better when little pressure is applied.

Baby Gum Gloves Mitten Teether

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Baby Gum Glover Teether
Best Teether Baby Gum Glove

Essential Baby Needs for Smooth Nursery Activities

Baby Nursery

Being proactive about preparing a nursery place for your baby is not bad. Just incase baby arrivals is little earlier than your plan.

Good, in order not to be too uncomfortable, you can leverage time to prepare baby nursery and make it fully ready by the time you’re thirty-six(36) weeks pregnant. Below are few things you need put in place

Baby/Infant Swaddle Sleeping Wrap Blanket

Wrapping your baby securely with a blanket is termed swaddling and it is very vital for safety. And, not just anyhow blanket but a soft cotton designed for the purpose will be good for swaddling your baby.

In order that the rest of your baby body is comfortably snugged inside the blanket. Sure, it makes an infant feel he still inside Mom womb and in which baby derive comfort of sleeping.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Newborn Infant Baby Swaddle Baby Sleeping Wrap Blanket
Best Baby/Newborn Swaddle Sleeping Wrap Blanket

Baby Crib Infant bed

A crib is but a bed which baby sleep in. It is design to have high sides known as slates capable of keeping baby safe from falling off/out from bed. Below is preselected best crib for your baby comforts.

Baby Crib Foldable Trend Yard Bed Baby Cot with Canopy

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Baby crib Foldable Newborn Cot
Best Baby Crib Foldable Newborn Cot for Kids

Baby Bath Tub

Baby bath tub is what you need for handling bathing of your baby/infants who are not yet old enough to sit up without assisting them.

You can choose from either stand alone bath tub type that can be filled with water from different source or the type that can support the baby that is placed in a standard size bathtub.

Choose from any of the best baby bath tub shown below; they are preselected considering quality, durability, affordability and easy operations

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
Newborn Portable Inflatable Bathtub for Baby
Best Newborn Baby Inflatable Bath Tub

Newborn Bathrobe Baby Infant towel

Baby bathrobe is an absorbent fabric that serve the purpose of towel and body covering pro to getting your baby dressed.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Newborn Bathrobe
Best Newborn Bathrobe

Baby Strollers

Baby stroller is a small parenting appliance like a carriage device with wheels, it is used to push a baby around. Best pick baby stroller is shown below

Baby Stroller

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Baby Stroller

Baby cloths hanger and dryer

Baby cloth hanger and dryer is for spreading of your undies and your little one cloths and accessories for sun drying.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Baby Cloth Hanger and Dryer
Best Baby Cloths Hanger and Dryer

Baby wardrobe

Essential for storing of your baby clothing and accessories. A well built design can be spacious and partitioned to accommodate other infant baby supplies to include diapers storage, baby food storage, gears storage to mention but this few. Pick the best selected baby wardrobe below shown. b

Baby Ceramic Plastic Wardrobe

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Baby Ceramic Plastic Wardrobe for Infant Toddlers

Newborn Shawl

Newborn shawl is a large piece of woolen cloth worn over shoulder or wrapped a baby to keep warm. Vital covering required by maternity mother to shield baby during outing where necessary to protect baby from flies, scotching sun, too much breeze etc.

Baby Starter Baby Shawl Knitted for Newborn

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Baby Shawl Knitted for New Born
Knitted Baby Shawl for Newborn

Maternity Storage bags

Maternity storage bag can also be called hospital bag proactively prepared ahead of day of delivery. Maternity storage bag is designed to hold supplies which may include but not limited to diapers, wipes, pacifiers and other related delivery and baby care items.

Best takes is below shown suitable to handle all your newborn supplies.

My Baby First Delivery Bag

Rating: 4 out of 5.
My Baby First Delivery Bag for Maternity Mother

Essential Baby Needs’ Postpartum Apparels, Gears and Diapering


Nursing Bra

Is a special gear; a typical brassiere that provides additional support to lactating women. It is designed for the purpose of permitting and easement of breastfeeding without need to remove the bra.

Breastfeeding bra are designed in such a way that the bra cups include flap that can be easily open with one hand to expose the nipple Below are best selected nursing bra for Moms comforts

Unique Breast Feeding Bra with Nipple Opening

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Lactating Mother Breast Feeding Bra with Nipple Opening
Lactating Mother Breast Feeding Bra with Nipple Opening

I am glad to know that your baby sucks and eat well of which its’ one of the joy of lactating Mom. When baby feed well, they develop fast. Meaning passing out waste from digestion is inevitable. How do Mom handle this?

Handling, baby wastes required diaper so let look into best diaper choice available for you and your baby diapering convenience.


Diaper is a gear that babies wear before they are potty trained. It can be a disposable fabrics that folded in-between baby’s legs to collect the poop and whatnot or a white cotton cloth called nappy.

Mom taken care of her little one
Mom taken care of her little one

Your baby diapering experience is made easy with the below best diapers stuff preselected for your comfort

Baby Disposable Diapers

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Baby disposable diaper
Best baby disposable diaper


Motherhood journey most especially during post natal will definitely require handling few luggage’s. For example, it may require that a maternity mother travel from one location to another with his/her baby.


Backpack is a good tool that can make conveying with convenience’ maternity mother luggage’s easy to achieve. Backpack can simply be describe as a large pack supported by an external or internal frame made of durable materials.

It serve the purpose of carrying supplies when going for camping, hiking, walking and related stuffs. Thus, is capable of carrying more of supplies in one unit pack for easy handling. And below is best suitable for maternity mother.

Multifunctional Waterproof Travel baby Backpack

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Multifunctional Waterproof Travel Baby Back Pack

Belt for Infant Baby Carrying Waist Stool Simple Maternal

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Belt for infant baby carrying waist stool simple maternal


Graceland Multipurpose Baby Safety Carriage

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Graceland multipurpose baby safety carriage

Sit Bath Bowl For Postpartum Treatment

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
Classic sit bath bowl for postpartum treatment

Car seats

Baby Support Seat Sofa Sitting Chair Learning to Sit Posture Pillow Travel Car Seat

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Baby support seat sofa sitting chair learning to seat posture pillow travel car seat

Multifunction Safety Child Seat

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Coming this far means you have been learning essential things you proactively needs prepare for the arrival of your newborn baby. Do this simple things to shed loads of getting unnecessary wants instead of essential baby needs.

Every pregnancy experience is unique and differs from mother to mother. However, it is certain that there is a common ground for all maternity women to require some basic essential baby needs I through experience put together for every baby expectant mother during prenatal and postnatal period.

This is for your convenience and to make you and your baby experience an happy one. Either you are trying to get pregnant, pregnant already or close to delivery, be sure to have equipped your self with the right needs.

I will be very happy to hear from you and also provide answers to your questions. Kindly feel free to use the comment box, sure’ I’m always online and will be waiting on the other side to feedback asap. Thanks for reading.

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