Common mistakes in parenting a child (infants, toddlers, preschoolers) and how to avoid it?

Common mistakes in parenting a child (Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers) and how to avoid it?

Infant, toddlers and preschoolers can be encompassed between the ranges of birth to four years of an age(early childhood stage).

  • Children from birth to 18 Months of age(infants) and at this age, what they need most is constant care and attention.
  • Toddlers are children from the ranges of age one to three years old, at this age they are trying to master walking properly because they still stagger when they move due to limited balance.
  • And. preschoolers are children that haven’t started attending school. This is the year where children learn things at home, society and environment before finally attending elementary school.

As listed above, one can see that these stages and ages is a very tender period where whatever is impacted, wired and taught to the children becomes a very big part of them. Fact is, the society and family are mostly responsible for whatever the child learn and the behavior they exhibit now and nearby future.

Most parents have made so many mistakes knowingly/unknowingly that affected them and their children when their children were in one of the stages or the other.

They had one way or the other, directly or indirectly wired their children in a way that most of what they do, how they think and what they say are as a result of the parenting they had been made to pass through.

The common mistakes most parent do and how to avoid them during this periods is what this article is set to address respect to the category of children who fall in the ages brackets mentioned above.

Common mistakes in parenting a child (Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers) and how to avoid it?

Common mistakes in parenting of infants and how to avoid it?

Parents really have to take many steps before their babies come. There are many things above changing their clothes, smiling at them or changing them out of their diapers. Some of the mistakes most parents make are;

  • Not safely belting a baby to a car seat

Most of the parents make mistake in the way they place their children on the car seat. Hospitals have always pointed out to pregnant women that there are appropriate car seats that must be installed for the baby even before they are delivered.

Due to improper placement of babies, they have higher risk of injuries during accidents and this have been a very pressing issue that hospitals and traffic departments have tried to address.

The baby’s head must not forward so as not to restrict breathing, the angle to the seat must be able to keep the baby’s feet up, make the baby’s body inclined so they can turn their heads sideways and breathe normally. Failure to do all these might end up affecting the health or physical state of the baby, Take note and take care!.

  • Not letting babies burp

After feeding a baby, some parents make the mistake of just lying the baby down immediately instead of letting them burp first. The implication of this action is the baby spitting back the food, gaging or be uncomfortable especially after waking up from their sleep after feeding.

Parents can place the baby on their chest and make the baby chin touch the shoulder, turn their face to a side and gently pat the back till the baby burps.

  • Breastfeeding

Many mothers make the mistake of concluding that their baby is actually sucking and swallowing when they are being breastfed by them but in some situations, the baby is not feeding because they couldn’t latch on the breast.

The baby not eating properly may cause pain and discomfort for the mother and hunger for the baby during feeding so the mother should check in with their pediatrician to make sure all is well both with them and the baby so they can both be healthy.

  • Other mistakes

It Include improper temperature at homes for the baby and taking babies into crowded places which can easily be avoided by asking for experts’ opinion about the temperature suitable for the baby and also try to minimize the way they take their children to crowded places so as to avoid contracting diseases like the flu.

Common mistakes in parenting toddlers and how to avoid it?

Toddlers have become a lot wiser and grown bigger than infants. They can see what’s happening, listen and react to it, they need attention at this age so that both them and their parents can be safe because kids at this age go anywhere their legs take them which their brain will be unable to determine if it’s dangerous or not.

  • Inconsistency

Kids of this age are very sensitive so parents should be consistent with the time they take their bathes, go to bed or the implication of any improper action they display.

Once the parents stick to this schedule and way of living, the toddler will know what to do or expect at a particular time. Although this can be very difficult for busy parents but they can either adjust their time to a convenient schedule or get a caregiver.

Discuss with your partner about what to do when a child does an improper behavior and you should both act according to it to avoid confusing the child.

  • Too much help

Parents make the mistake of jumping in to do things for their children when they find it difficult to do it without sitting back for a while and observing them try to carry out the task.

They jump in to put on clothes, shoes for them when they just struggle a bit, help them take something down a height the seconds they see their child aim for it and this does more harm than good.

The message the parents are trying to pass across is that the children are not self-reliant and confident so parents should step aside sometimes for children to struggle so they can build tolerance.

  • Taking them out of the crib early

Crib is not only meant for safety but for good sleeping habits too. When kids are taken out of crib too early, they have trouble in sleeping and they end up disturbing the peace of their parents. Cribs help toddlers sleep in a peaceful position without feeling uncomfortable.

Common mistakes in parenting preschoolers and how to avoid it?

  • Sidelining problems

Some parents rely on their parental instincts and sweep some problems under the rug because they feel like it’s nothing or it will fix itself.

Preschoolers have a sharpened brain than toddlers so parents must take time to quickly fix any problem they or their parents are experiencing or any bad attitude the child is exhibiting so it doesn’t end up affecting the mentality of the child.

Parents should read books, search online and take thorough steps in helping their children make the right choice and fixing any mistakes detected

  • Expecting unrealistic achievements from them

Don’t pressure them! You will create problem by frustrating kids into doing what they shouldn’t be doing at their age just because you are expecting something personally.

Some kids are not interested in what kids their age are doing like being trained not to wet the bed or using the potty, parents should not beat them or shout at them but they should rather be patient with them.

They should try to match their pace and gently follow the kids achievement instead of forcing them to upgrade.


There are many more mistakes parents/guardian make so it is important that parents read books, watch educational movies about parenting and do thorough research before they expect, when they are expecting and when the baby have finally arrived. Parenting should not be taken lightly as it affects every aspect of children.

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I am sure as a parent/guardian you have ere in one way or the other while upbringing kids of this age group or probably, you have a question to ask. Kindly use the comment box below to share with us for others to learn; most especially new mom in town need to learn from experience mom.

We embrace interactive discussion. Parenting is not an easy tasks! we all know and together we can make the world a better place for all. And do not forget to follow us to stay abreast of our subsequent publication. Thanks for reading.

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