Computer games that help grow children analytic skills?
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Game: 10 Best computer games that helps grow children analytic thinking skill?

By: Folaji I Odedeji

Computer games that help grow children analytic skills?

Game is known to be a recreational fun that helps calm the mind, boost thinking and action, and create awareness through the visual representation. However, not all games does and that’s why I am going to be discussing herein 10 best computer games that helps grow children analytic thinking skill.

Games have evolved over the years. It moved from the physical game e.g. I spy, hide and seek to the paper games e.g. building blocks, cards and finally video/computer games.

And Computer games program mostly have been designed to be educative and calculative which helps the player to think fast, swiftly, analytically.

Over the years, millions of games have been released. Most of which were created for fun purpose. But, as the world technology continue to advance,, game developers thought about how they could make games more educative and at the same time yet fun. That was where mathematics, sciences and other area like STEM Educational were integrated into games suitable for educating children as much as brain development.

Importance of playing computer games

Kids are not left behind in the world of fun games and the most interesting thing is, their brain also grow and their mind are renewed while playing the games. Their creativity, problem solving instinct, cognitive, language development, socio emotional and critical thinking skills can be polished with the use of visual games(Computer games).

Games boost the critical thinking of kids which is the ability to take in and digest information instead of just purely memorizing it. Thus, thinking skills enables a child to be able to reason logically and think analytically.

Kids can with it conceptualize various ways to handle or solve a problem. Faster way to execute the solutions and better ways to arrive at a perfect answer.

It also enhance their curiosity in a way that model love for research. Read on to know some tested selected computer games that can help grow your child thinking skills.

Computer games that helps grow children analytic thinking skill?

There are many video/computer games now online that can help boost the analytic thinking of kids and many are still going to come up as the world of gaming technology is advancing. However, ten of the current ones which I have interacted with and I have use to grow little ones and are proven to be effective is discussed below;

  • Puzzle games

Puzzle games are highly known for their technicality which requires calmness, deep thinking, various possibilities and coming up with the best answer. These games which include Anagram, Sudoku, scrabble and word formations, they are famous for their tricky rules which requires language development because one has to be familiar with words to be able to execute the tasks properly.

These games will develop the coordination skills of kids, increasing their problem solving abilities and even give them fine inspiration. Kids between five to eight years can perform excellently when they are exposed to this game in healthy amount.

  • Mine Craft

This crafty game requires a lot of calmness and thinking because any wrong move means you are gone. It is a great game that sparks and polish the survival instinct of a kid because it requires calculations and carefulness, any wrong move can get you bombed and you will need to restart the game. When kids play the game and get bombed over and over, they will naturally start to think of what to do to avoid getting bombed which will spark up their thinking.

  • Building blocks

The beauty of this superb game is that it can be played either physically or as a video game. The physical game is very good and excellent for kids within three to five years of age and the video type can pass for five and above. This awesome game help kids get familiarized with shapes and colors. They build their creativity by forming or building different types of shapes and structures with the blocks which can be either excellent or awful.

If awful, they re-do the game over and over till they get a spark of doing it in an excellent way that they themselves will be satisfied with what they are doing. The parents can even set a pattern as example for them which they can build on, they will think about how to carry the already laid foundation on and end up creating a masterpiece after several attempts.

  • Epistory

This game is attractive in the sense that it not only enhances the cognitive skill of kids but also teaches them how to type faster and accurately. This game is an adventure themed game which consists of a young girl and a fox as a guide as they explore the land of fantasy. The level of difficulties steadily increases as the stages or levels increase and the kid slowly use the keyboard row by row enhancing their typing skills

  • Super Mario

This 3D video game has been in existence for ages and kids all over the world have enjoyed playing them one way or the other. Firstly, the lovely background music used in this game is enough to get a kid hooked. It helps sharpen the brain in the aspect of recognition and discrimination of things. This game although doesn’t guarantee smartness in kids, it is still well packed with coordination learning tools.

  • Kerbal Space Program

This game makes the player control their own creativity. The kids can build rocket ships like a scientist and launch them out. Although most of these rockets fails but the beauty of the game is the cartoon-like fun the failure makes, this makes the kids interested and immersed until they get the hang of the game, think about their faults, how to make it better and a success because this game is the combination of mathematics, aeronautic science and engineering.

  • Portal Series

This game has an A.I. that makes the player pass through hell if they want to escape the lab, this A.I. can only be killed by the mind-bending gun before the player can overcome it. The wry and absurd humor part of the game makes it exciting for kids as they fight the A.I., this game stretches logic, enhance problem solving because the kids will have to think hard and well about how to overpower it, spatial awareness to the last limit too.

  • Spy games

This game is similar to hunting search. The kids follow a set of instruction as they search for hidden objects amidst jumbled up objects that are similar and non-similar to the required item e.g. a green flower in a yellow field, a shoe in a disorganized house etc. This game teaches the kids calmness, also help enhance reading and following of instruction, language development and space awareness.

  • Civilization V series

This game involves a great deal of strategy. It is a game that depicts the evolution of human over the centuries. The player will be able to lead their own civilization by considering religion, martial, scientific and cultural skills and awareness. The game uses history to design the characters and also involves the use of economics utilization, military security and innovation management as they build on the civilization.

  • This War of Mine

This game is a game war that is different from other game wars in the sense that the player needs to gather resources, manage the civilians’ physical and mental well-being, provide food and take care of the survivors. It is packed with excellent art, literature, empathy, and can enhance problem solving skills in kids or children.

No doubt about the ability of kids to learn and assimilate even faster than adult can. Kids tends to catch up faster and understand better than most adults when exposed to logical thinking starting early in childhood as it helps to grow their brain and exercise their minds positively in other areas of thinking skill as they grow.

Playing computer games will make them to be able to offer or provide solution to tasks, know what to do for something to be right and never forget for a long time because it is their own personal invention or solution, they didn’t steal it from anyone. However, playing game should not be abuse too as excessive exposure can also lead to distractions.

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So far you have learn the good side of growing your kids brain and developing analytical thinking skills in a child with computer games. Now you can access proven computer games that can help you achieve positive result while upbringing your kids.

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