Having great mother and child relationship

Having a great mother and child relationship; How best you can do it?

By: Elizabeth Abiona

Having a great parent and children relationship is very vital in life. As the saying goes “Charity begins at home” Whatever happens at home will be reflected in the society.

As a parent or guardian, you need to have or build a good relationship with your children which will in turn model them to be a great parent in future. It will enhance them to have good social cultural background and relationship with the society at large. Though there is bound to be inevitable differences and conflicts sometimes.

Keys to having a great mother and child relationship

There are some things that fosters a great relationship between children and their parents. They are:

  • Communication: Let the information you are passing across to your children be effective (let your communication be seasoned like salt). Be positive and courteous. Be careful of passing a wrong information
  • Attention: Don’t be a nonchalant parent. Give your kids attention. Be willing to listen when they have concerns.
  • Spending time together:  Create time together with your children. Try as much a s possible to enjoy each others company. Read, play games, dance and watch movies together.
  • Don’t forget special date: Let your memory be sound enough to retain special dates like children day, Cultural day, birthday etc.
  • Visiting: Pay visit to their schools or educational centers to check how their faring in the academic environment, the children they associate with etc. Visit places together, always go with your children to social gathering like events center, tourist Centre, museum, art gallery, zoo, theater etc. and enjoy quality time and trips.
  • Answering funny questions: All children are so inquisitive, they ask funny questions about nature occurrence, movies and scene etc. be ready to give good feedback.
  • Have respect for their relationship: Respect they say is reciprocal, so pay regards to their relationship. Talk to them the way you want to be addressed
  • Shows emotion: Share in their happiness and sadness. Anger and pleasure, feel concern and show that you cares
  • Create story time, reading and interactive section etc.
  • Positive model: Be a positive model, this they must see in you like honesty, loyalty, respect, hard work, integrity etc.
  • Discipline: Inculcate the virtue of discipline, let them know the right from the wrong. Let them know that all that glitters are not gold. Do not pamper when they are wrong.
  • Responsibility: Saddle them with task and let them feel supported and appreciated when the task is complete.
  • Learn to use positive statement always: e.g. Please, sorry, splendid job, well done, great improvement, kindly etc. Teach them to use good compliments too.
  • Teach them how to be friendly and still maintain their integrity: This is choosing to do what is right even when nobody sees you when you have the opportunity of doing the wrong.
  • Do not be over protective: Over protective parents risk to shelter their children from physical, mental, emotional pain. They want to ensure that their kids are successful at all cost.  Be careful, it can drive or lead them to doing extra ordinary things they ought not to indulge.
  • Don’t hinder your child full potential: Let them do things of their interest. When you make their beds, do all the washing or chores because you don’t want them to get injured during the works; then, they become lazy’ so watch out!
  • Do not become attached to someone else child more than yours: Giving attention and care to someone else child more than your own can cause your children to feel abandoned and rejected.
  • Know their weak and sad moments:  Be sensitive to what your children are passing through. Give them the necessary care, support and love.
  • Don’t abandoned your child to the mercy of care giver, teacher and house maids. It is dangerous when other know your children more than you do.
  • Always scold with love: Corporal punishment or physical punishment can be abusive on a child, Please corporal punishment is not advisable. You can give them a lot of home service e.g. house chore, talk to them, tell them story that will illustrate the outcome of what they are doing. Withdraw or withhold some advantages like not buying ice cream and biscuit etc. Let them know you love and care for them and you don’t want them to have bad luck in future.
  • Do  not feel too big to admit your fault: Be honest say sorry whenever you are wrong. Don’t be pompous or arrogant.
  • Tell them useful history of your background
  • Let them know life is not a bed of roses. Tell them life is a mixture of sorrows and happiness. Teach them how to adapt when time changes
  • Buy them clothing and accessories
  • Teach them how to be prudent and how to invest into future and manage resources.
  • Know their best subject and what they delight in and help them to draw plan for their future
  • Set rules and regulations to know their obedience and law abiding rate.
  • Prepare them for upcoming changes e.g.  Physical, mental, financial, psychological changes. Teach them  the transition method: From children … to teens … youth … adult
  • Do not compare your children ability. And don’t compare one child to another so as not to build or develop hatred amidst your kids
  • Teach them punctuality: How to arrive at a any appointment before the set or given time.

Together, A family that pray together stays together. So learn to pray and commit your ways unto God. Build a family alter.

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A healthy family is a happy family. Learn to stay healthy, observe environmental sanitation, maintain clean and hygienic environment. The family supportive child care rests on the philosophy that every parent is a decision maker.

As you practice or inculcate the keys, I wish you have a great and happy family together. To further receive more of our publication kindly follow us by clicking the follow button at bottom left. Also, I will be happy to hear your opinion’ use the comment box below. Thanks for reading.


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