Gifted Kids: How to grow genius out of your child by outstanding ways
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Gifted Kids: How to make genius out of your child by outstanding way?

Genius(gifted child), according to a repute professor of psychology – Keith Simonton, is a person who has the intelligence, enthusiasm and endurance to acquire the needed expertise in a broadly valued domain of achievement and who then makes contributions to that field that is considered by peers to be both original and highly exemplary. A person under the age of ten who produces meaningful output in some domain to the level of an adult expert performer is generally referred to as a child prodigy or gifted kids.

Genius is ninety-nine percent perspiration

I believe the word of Thomas Alva Edison, which says, “Genius is one percent (1%) inspiration; ninety-nine percent perspiration. Most geniuses the world reckons with today have a normal background like every other child in their neighbor. The difference is that they made meaning out of what others think is normal. They always see what others are not seeing from normal things and activities around them. And go the extra mile to give attention to what they see by experimenting and researching.

It is, rather, bewildering that most of the celebrated geniuses that are taken to be super humans or created with some sort of peculiarities attested themselves, to the fact that ‘perspiration’ is the power behind their ground breaking successes. They have always attributed their successes to final products of many inputs; which include: inspiration, perspiration, hard work, commitment, vision, determination, imagination, and other virtues. This shows that anyone, including your child are gifted and can become a genius.

Every child is gifted kids

Basically, everyone (your child inclusive) has some potentials in him that needs to be discovered. When discovered and well harnessed, it brings him into the society or company of geniuses.

There is always an area of life that every man is gifted. Even the biggest dunce in one field has a specific area where he is talented and if he could discover his talent and put it to good use; the sky would be his starting point and not just the limit.

Being a genius is more than just being intelligent. It is more than just digesting knowledge and replicating it in an examination. Real geniuses are those who close the gap between imagination and reality.

Gifted kids are genius who solve problems with intelligence

You are not a genius until your Intelligence solves a problem. Geniuses invent ideas, imagining solutions to mysteries and laying them down. Imagination is the fuel of every genius, seeing possibilities behind every non-deciphered mystery. Seeing things the way no one else does.

They are critical and creative thinkers with the abilities to proffer solution with insight and inspiration they have got. They receive inspiration that helps make life better and beautiful. They also work hard to bring their inspiration to manifestation, which shows perspiration.

Makings of the real genius (Gifted kids)

The real geniuses are those who lay-down knowledge because when they are inspired to do something they have not seen physically before, they think it through to tangibility. Men who imagine such things and work at it, daze the world by achieving their goals.

A century ago, who would have embraced the fact that we would have machines flying in the sky (Airplanes) or possess the device that allows us to be able to speak to people millions of miles away. But some people (of which the Wright Brothers were note-worthy) imagined it, saw the possibility, and worked to achieve it. It gives birth to the knowledge in aerodynamics and information technology.

Are Geniuses just born, or made?

I strongly believe that geniuses are made and not just born, although there have been various controversies. This has become a controversial phenomenon over the years, even scholars from related fields are finding it hard to reach a conclusion.

The ‘born genius’ protagonists have always said that genius is a product of raw talent and intelligence culminated from birth or heredity. In lending credence to their claims, they are always swift to cite child prodigies like Leonardo da Vinci, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Michael Jordan et al; who at tender ages, began to exhibit exemplary traits.

These gifted kids (child prodigies) also added diligence and discipline to help their God given talent. They credited their works to time of perspiration on their inspiration. The real talent they possess was discovered early and given attention to. Your child also has a talent you have to develop, just get on the discovery plane on time.

Gifted kids mind sets

The ‘made genius’ sect conversely advocates that, every man is born with an innate talent, ingenuity and with matching brain capacities. They posit that genius is what the “carrier” made of his creators’ given talent, intellects and skills. In other words, gifted kids has certain mindset and an unflappable persistence.

A man (able or disable) endowed with innate talent and a nurturing platform coupled with a stimulating and supportive environment produces a genius. Hence, is genius actually culminated from birth? Or, at the opposite, made? Well, without mincing words, I am bold to say; geniuses are not born, but made.

This notion is backed up with researches, of which I will mention a few:

  • Steve Jobs, the man considered as the genius behind the Smartphone industry started programming in his diary over a period of time and that diary has turned into the biggest organization we now have on earth, Apple Inc.
  • Professor Howe, author of “Genius Explained” states that, all genius had a firm sense of purpose and motivation to achieve.
  • When Sir Albert Einstein died, scientist extricated his brain and studied it, with the hope of finding out what made his brain possess such exceptional intelligence. They only found out that his brain possessed the same number of cells every man possesses.
  • Panan Percy Paul also admonished in one of his song that we are created to be geniuses and that we shall not allow our dreams to die; this will require perspiration and persistence.

Drawing conclusion from the various points of view, it is obvious that no one is born a genius. If that was possible, everyone present here would have been a genius as God created all equally, with the same brain capacity.

What makes gifted kids special is their long term commitment plus the diligent and productive use of their brain. Their efforts are focused and with a firm sense of direction. Your child can be enlisted among the geniuses when you give more attention to yield to my little advice discuss hereafter.

How to make genius out of your gifted child by outstanding ways?

  • Discover his innate talent

Discovery is the door way to achievement. Discovering what your child is ordain of God to do will help you to stir up his passion and establish his interest. It will aid you in training him in the way he should go. ‘The way he should go’ is a path of fulfilment that God has charted before his feet.

Discovering what your child is very good at helps him have a better sense of himself and draws him out of his shell. It is so amazing that when adults are being taught on how to discover their talent, one of the key point is recognizing what they are good at as a child. This means a child stands a better chance of talent discovery and better span of time to develop it.

So with your gifted child, make hays while the sun shines. Asking God in prayers is also very important because the manufacturer knows the best what the product is made for. God has created your child for a purpose and has enriched  him with talents that he knows best.

  • Veering off mediocrity

Don’t tolerate mediocrity in your child, instill a life of excellence especially in the area of their interest. Since excellence is a spirit, it spreads to all they do.

Mediocrity is considered as the quality of being average or ordinary. Men can’t really be great at everything, but it will be disastrous not to be great at anything. Once the area of your child innate talent is discovered, encourage him to veer off mediocrity. You cannot permit average in his area of interest.

Ensure that he is not settling for being ordinary. If music is his area of interest, further help him to see his style of music and break existing record in his school, your neighborhood and the world at large.

  • Diligence and determination

All geniuses attest to the fact that diligence and determination are the most important factors for success after being moved by intense desire, which we call passion, the purpose driver. Diligence brings a man before kings and not before mean men, just as King Solomon acclaimed in his Proverbs.

Diligence takes a man above the ordinary and normal which is what kings seeks after. He makes a man stand out. Encourage and help your child imbibe diligence. This is displayed in consistent practices, research and training on his area of interest.

Determination on the other hand will help him pull through even when others are seemingly discouraged and becoming a discouragement. He needs to determine to be the best he can be. He has to have the ‘I can’ attitude, even when others says it is not possible. He needs this positive emotional feeling to attain the predetermined goal.

  • Instill discipline in your child

Discipline is what is needed to maintain the status quo of a goal. Discipline puts every excesses to check. Discipline is a compulsory requirement for success in any human endeavor. He that strives for the mastery is temperate in all things, that is, he puts himself in check, cutting off distractions and focusing on his goal. He is careful of excessive fun, food, sleep and lots more.

Discipline is regarded as the quality of being able to behave and work in a controlled manner which involves obeying particular rules or standards which maybe self-made or socially shaped. It is a state of conducting oneself in an orderly and socially acceptable manner by conscious training in self-control and in habits of obedience to approved standards of thought and action in pursuance of excellence.

A child should learn how to be temperate and subject himself to self-denial to achieve success. All children like to play, eat and sleep. You have to help your child to be moderate with this three and utilize his time wisely. Time is the best resources to be managed and treasured.

Teach your child to be well disciplined in keeping time and learn how to convert time to skill, knowledge and wisdom. This can be achieved when he gives more time for practicing, reading and constructive meditation. Here is more about how to administer child discipline with love.

  • Provide a nurturing platform

There are so many nurturing platforms around us now unlike that the earlier discovered geniuses don’t have. Availing your child such opportunity can expedite your child’s innate talent discovery and genius realization process.

There are various children academy around us with coaches in various skill which will help your child develop his skills speedily and guide their young minds in deep thinking and constructive meditation. You can enroll your child in any of this academy after proper consultation, while you learn to be his life coach too.

 Competitions and talent shows are also opportunity to help your child to prepare to be the best they can be and network with destiny helpers and life coaches that can help them. Competition gives them the opportunity to see a lot of people in their area of interest and see clearly their own uniqueness to work on and break records. Documentary of record breakers and talent show along their area of interest should be shown them often, to wet their appetites.

  • Create a supportive environment

There is a general saying that who we are is a product of what we have eaten and our environment. We don’t need millions of dollars to create an enabling environment for our children to grow to be geniuses. All we need is wise selections of toys, games, play spots, study centers and meditation corners or spaces in our home.

Drawing inference from the childhood of earlier discussed geniuses, it is important to have materials that will precipitate ideas around the area of a child’s interest. We may not be able to buy all the books for them but we can get one and attach them to a well-furnished library. Build your child’s resilience and self-learning ability.

  • Teach your child the power of focus

One reason why Steve Jobs was so successful was that he put all his energy into one thing and  in the process sacrificed his chance of ever winning the ‘father of the year’ award. It is not to say that the path of a genius does not have potholes, traffic and detours, but instead it is to show that only the people who continue to experiment without fear of failure and accept that they can learn from it are bound to produce great things.

The scripture admonishes that when the eye is single, the whole body will be full of light. It also states that a man having a desire intermeddles with all wisdom. Being a genius is about being great at a thing in an outstanding manner and it takes consistent passion and pursuance of that one thing.

Having discovered the one thing needful, a child should be taught to focus on it and not be distracted with how others are doing in other skills. Let him concentrate his effort on his most treasured innate talent.

  • Teach your child that money is not everything

Money is important but it is not all a man needs. It is not the measure for a genius; value is! Having a value added life is the height of wealth that geniuses acquire.

Money has been a driver of most youth today, as they relate it directly to amassing wealth; not understanding that the wealth fathers of today have is because they invested their youth as geniuses by acquiring knowledge, skills and displaying wisdom from their value added life. Others had to exchange these values for money. Teach your child that he should not live just to make a living (money) but to acquire values.

It is noteworthy that you read through this piece of literary work. I believe that the guidelines and instruction provided therein will be indeed helpful, to make a genius out of your child. Sure you have a comment, kindly feel free to use the comment box below, we are always happy to here from our readers.

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