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Essential’ act of developing creative thinkers in early childhood

How I helped my child to developed creative thinking skills.

Mum why don’t you knock at the door before you opened? This is now my room and I should permit you before you enter; it is no longer business as usual said Sandra to her astonished mother. You see I have rearranged my room to suit my taste, it is not supposed to be exactly the way you gave me and set it for me. I have the right to decide what I want and that includes the arrangement of my room. Can you see it looks tidy, orderly and clean? anyway; I know there is no how you will disapprove of it.

I made the interior with a collage of pictures of fun moment with my friends and pictures of my music heroes. I also made these flowers with paper and small piece of cloth. Are they not beautiful? I attach red and blue ribbons to my curtain to have touch of my favorite colors. I wrapped my flower pot with gift wrappers and ribbons too. I designed my drawer with buttons from my worn out clothes. Aren’t these beautiful?

Sandra’s mum smiled gracefully with a heart of gratitude to her homemaker trainer and her instinct which directs her to give Sandra a room she could call hers. She has always being looking for a way to make her child display creative skills. Little did she know that a simple decision to give Sandra her own space can go this far. She was stunned by what she just saw. “Finally she has the opportunity to develop her creative thinking skill”, she said to herself. There are some many other tips she has learnt and would like to try, after seeing what the first tip she learnt results into. This and many more will be discussed as I lead you on the journey to help your child develop creative thinking.

It is amazing and important to note that children are born with indisputable creative abilities which are products of creative thinking. Parent must help them to explore and deploy this God giving gift. It has to be developed so as not to be dominant. Thinking is a free gift but we need to ascertain that our children are deep thinkers. For deep calls unto deeps, we don’t find the best at sea at the shallow level of the waters but in the deeps. Allow your children explore thinking, give them riddle to crack. Engage them with logical thinking games. Let them take active part in their quantitative reasoning assignment from school.

What is creative thinking?

Creativity is simply the process and ability to bring about something new and valuable into existence. Creative thinking results in creativity. The created item may be intangible or a physical object. For any form to be created, it was first conceived in the mind before execution. We talk of creative writing, creative singing, creative cooking, creative handworks and lots more. All these are product of creative thinking, indisputable, constructive and amusing thoughts.
Creative thinking describes the ability to consider something in a new way. It require being involved in an activity or observing how others are involved in an activity and thinking of a better, aesthetic or more organized way of doing them in a way that will be different from the norm and will defy routines.

For example, thinking of a new way to cook a particular meal to taste and look differently results in creative cooking. When you have to consider how to write an article on a theme that is general to appease the reader and drive away boredom, results in creative writing. Giving thought to add a unique touch of color blend and size to a woven bag results in creative craft. The list is endless.

Why is creative thinking essential?

Healthy living and survival

Most men around the world want to be where things can be done in diversity. The world is beautiful because God make diverse kinds of plants, animals, land scale, weather and so on. Men need diversity to survive, to kill boredom and reduce depression and hence suicidal tendency. Doing the same thing the same way overtime make life a routine and brings with it boring and non-resourceful personnel. They will only know how to do a particular thing in a particular way like programmed robust. This will cut off room for increase and improvement. With no further ado, creative thinking is needed for healthy living and survival.


In the nearest tomorrow there will be no room for routine loving people at work as technology is fast advancing, change becomes inevitable at work and it takes creative thinkers to adjust fast. Employers all over the world are on the lookout to employ creative thinkers because they know it will be needed for a better and more productive organization. I really don’t think I would be able to cope with a subordinate who cannot think out ways to solve problem and requires every minute instruction, neither can you. It takes creative thinking to be a solution provider that every employer is looking for. In all acquisition of new skills creative thinking is crucial; it is easier to develop it when young for proper harnessing.


Creative thinking will bring your child ahead in his chosen career. He will see challenges as stepping stone to success and solves issues that set others a bay. This will give him an edge to lead, as leaders thinks of creative and innovative ways to solve problems.

Meeting Societal Expectation

Let me bring this point home, parent expect their children to be able to do certain things themselves at certain age. I don’t expect my 11 year old girl to wait for me early in the morning to help her do the morning washing of her body or sort out cloth for her to wear. Just like me, you would have done that for her joyfully at five (5) years old. But now due to the societal expectation for her at that age, she has to be involved.

Parents and society applause creative thinkers like that; people who learn to do thing their way after being taught how or observing how it has been done in the past. My mum keep bringing in new food product home when she saw my apt for cooking and she believes I can bring out something good out of any food product because I am a creative cook. I am sure the first time you cooked something yourself you were thrilled like me. My mum didn’t need to sit me down for food lessons, I learnt by observation. Creative thinking will help your child met your expectations for him and the society’s too.

Invention and global solution

It has being discovered that inventors are produced of creative thinking stimulated by unstructured process (brainstorming) and structured process (lateral thinking). Brainstorming comes when an idea is developed from an existing fact or kin observation of abnormalities. It involves meditation which some envisioning while lateral thinking involves application of science and economics to what is been envisioned. This requires calculation and logical conclusions. All this together is a process of creative thinking which gives birth to inventions and global relevant researches.

Diligence and Productivity

It is common saying that an idle hand is a devils workshop. I would like to project further that any idle mind is an incubator for evil ideas. A creative thinker always thinks out solutions, new things and this brings about positive engagement of the mind and body which results in productivity. This is the right mind for inventors. Imagine how busy Thomas Edison mind will be when he was thinking through for a way to create an electric bulb. Most researchers don’t have idle time to get them involved in a crime. They want to create solutions.

Proven ways to help your child develop creative thinking

You can learn so much from various rich cultural practices of child training to bring out the best in your child. The Jewish culture for example encourages parent to expose their child as early as 5 years to various forms of training (like music, languages, military and farming) this enables the children to maximize their God given talents and bring forth new ideas. An average American parent also sets his child on a learning and productivity plan as early as 2 years. Being an African or European is not a disadvantage, since what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, your child should have equal opportunity to explore their creative nature. I would like to discuss the points better with the following guidelines:

Guild lines to helping a child develop creative thinking

Guideline 1

Put your child on a learning plan early

Thomas Edison was taught reading, writing, and arithmetic at home by his mother who used to be a school teacher. The daily library plan Ben Carson’s mother made for his sons was what rescued Ben from being a perpetual failure, he acquired a knowledge that helped him know he can learn, when he put his heart to it. Albert Einstein had formal education which helped him better express his creativity. Have a good learning plan for your child to broaden his horizon and help him think wide. Expose him to science fictions and mental sums early. It helps logical reasoning.

Guideline 2

Give your child a room to explore

You are probably thinking of a way to make your child develop their creative ability. The rule is giving them room to explore and giving them enough sensitization and help for creative thinking and creative inventions.
Thomas Edison as a child, became fascinated with technology and spent hours working on experiments at home, this helped his research apt. The first wonder of the invisible forces Albert Einstein described was his first discovery of a compass at age 5 as he wonders about the invisible force that made its needle to move. This aroused his creative thinking.
Giving your child a room do not necessary have to be a literal room for him like Sandra’s mother did. It can be a little corner of the yard for him to do his things, it could be a corner in the garage, a portion of the garden. The most important thing is a space for him to explore his creative things that others may see a disturbing or unnecessary. Let him have where he can play undisturbed.

Guideline 3

Let him imbibe a reading habit

It is very good for children to imbibe a good reading habit, it helps them to have information that will help their curiosity and develop their creativity. Most research came across useful piece of information that was a means for them to grow with or invented. A biographer described Thomas Edison as a very curious child who learned most things by reading on his own. Albert Einstein described his own encounter with a geometric book as one of the wonder of his childhood which inspires his love for physics, it was also recorded that an informal teacher introduced him to a children’s science series by Aaron Bernstein. All this helped their creative thinking skill.

Guideline 4

Encourage them to create their own game.

Necessity they say is the mother of invention. Keep your child at home sometimes, so they can have time enough to think for themselves and invent their own games. Keep them off the computer and computer games and still encourage them to have fun. This will help to excite their brain, they will look for something to kill the boredom.
It is amazing sharing my own experience as a child. I remembered growing up and acting dramas of me having a supermarket. I keep every cartoon and packages of household items and set up my ‘super mart’ at the balcony of our house when my parents were not around. Neighbours, friends and my sibling joined in the game and come to me to buy using money made from drawings on paper. This is a typical game that takes our time and teaches us business, organization in creative ways. I usually make sure I arranged the items in ways that were catchy to attract attention. I remembered an adult can over to ask for and household item once while I have to say we were just playing with them. He was kind of impressed.
Let your children interact with their own world. Don’t occupy all their time. Give them time and room to play on their own.

Guideline 5

Make provisions to develop their interest

You can enroll your child in an extracurricular group or school along his sphere of interest. For example; music school, sport clubs, booth camp where applicable. They can explore their creative mind through these. You can organize family dinners or a special party for their birthday to invite their friends and other neighbor to see them do what they love doing. When there is an occasion to prepare for, it will inspire and encourage them to be the best in what the love doing. You can also look out for initiates that helps children develop their talent and take them to talent shows to arouse their interest.

Guideline 6

Let them be informed about great achievers

Scientific research and inventions story can also stir his passion for creations and invention. Bring home movies that inspires innovation and inventions, sit with them sometimes and point out the advantages of creativities. Attend some science, art and business exhibitions with them.
This has being the way I have been helping my kids develop a creative thinking skills and I believe this guidelines among others will help you also to develop creative thinking skills in your child. Keep them thinking, keep him doing creative things.

Making the world a better place for all; kindly share for other parents to benefit. Feel free to tell us your opinion by using our comment box below. We are always happy to hear from our readers. To receive more educative contents alike’ subscribe below or use the follow us button at the bottom left. Thanks for reading.

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