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How to Determine A Kid’s Future Ambition

By: Oluwatimilehin T. Ekundayo

Preparing a child’s ambition for the future here at hand.

It is a glaring fact that every child has his or her in-born abilities, which points to the form of uniqueness. It also connotes that no two child is the same. These inborn abilities are what a child loves to do at leisure or distinctively, that makes him happy.

As a good parent on the other hand, you want the good of your child. You want to invest well into them so much that even as they grow, they will make and do you proud. There is often an issue between what your child wants and what you feel as a parent is right for them. This is because you know better than they do and so you likely want to choose for them.

Most kids want to become what they love doing best like singing [singer], playing football [footballer], drawing [artiste] amongst others. While as a parent, you want them to have a reputable dignified ambition. Then, what is the way forward?’ your heart keep pondering!

How do you determine your child’s future ambition?

Is it by their talents, your desire as a parent, or by their grades performance?. In this article, the ways a parent can determine a child future ambition will be discussed.

Before the explanation becomes clearer, the core words are ‘future ambition’ which means what one desires to do or become in the time ahead. The article topic is like predicting what a child will become.

How would you know what your child will become?

One thing to note is nobody knows tomorrow; we can only plan to make our days better and fulfilled but everything lies on God making it all happen. But as regards this topic let us examine some few ways;

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  • Strength & Abilities

One first way is through their Strength and Abilities this focuses on what they can do well and what they are not so good at. It is discovering their talents and what they do at leisure.

  • School Grades

Another way can also be through their School Grades. How well they do in school and in which area they do best.

  • Toys & Hobbies

Their Best Toys and what they like best. Some will like helicopters, trains or having a kitchen of their own as toys.  Some can start saying what they want to be and many do actually work to become.

  • Actions & Reactions

A child’s Response to life issues and relationship with people can also determine. Take for instance, a child who hates to see blood cannot be a doctor or have anything to do with it.

  • Experience

Life circumstances that affected the growing up of the child will also be a factor to know. For a child who saw injustice all through his childhood may grow up to become a lawyer or a soldier.

  • Divine Guidance

And of course God’s Plan for your child will determine where your child will grow up to function if you let Him. Nothing can ever be or come to be without our creator.

Few things to Note

From the above explained, a few things can be noted. The above ways are the factual predictable ways to determine what the future ambition of a child can be. However the truth is that talents do not always have to be a main guide. He can sing doesn’t mean he should go to school to read music.

He can read a related broader course and then pursue on his talents or what he does best. There are some skills that come naturally to man. It doesn’t mean one should go or focus his child on it. While on the other hand, one can focus on talents to boost effectiveness.

Embracing flexibility

And as a parent, you want the best for your child but still let him decide solely what his future ambition will be. On the long run, he will be the one to pursue the course, yours is to advice and share experiences with him.

Seek divine guidance

Above all, your prayers should be that as he pursues the future ambition, he fulfills purpose. One can be a doctor and that’s not where he is meant to be. That is why God should be allowed to guide your steps in such a situation of determining your child’s future ambition.

 This article is as precise and simple as it can be so as for you to easily note the ways and what to look out for in preparing a child for better tomorrow.

I know you find it very helpful’ please, share for other parents to benefit. You indeed want to tell us your opinion, kindly use our comment box below. We are always happy to hear from our readers. To receive more educative contents alike’ subscribe below or use the follow us button at the bottom left. Thanks for reading.


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