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How to solve the common parenting challenges?

Best help you need to solve parenting challenges(difficulties) stress free


There is no perfect parent, neither is there a perfect child. There is no parenting at any stage or period during child upbringing, starting from dependence and to the stage of increasing autonomy that is without one challenge or difficulties. In simple note, there is no perfect being young or adult and neither is there a stage during child development that is free of one parenting challenge or the other.

On this ground, you will agree with me that good parents, caregivers, educators, therapist and all kids lovers needs to be given due respect they deserve because in the face of innumerable odds, huge task, difficulties and parenting challenges they still deem it fit to nurture a child with skills and knowledge in their arsenal to grow good leaders in the world today; I tell you it is not as easily said compare to doing.

Parenting traits is traceable to a child

Come to think of it, the way of life of each individual is variably dependent on how parenting is established, that is to say a trait in parenting is traceable to each individual person. And to say a parent or a child is perfect; is only an expression of how beautiful the relationship can be. How a child turns out to become in the future can partly be traced to the kind of parenting guides he receives.

A good parent wants the best for his child’ definitely, and therefore raises him best ways. But, no matter how a parent tries to raise a child with best of skills and knowledge, they seldom face difficulties that occur at different stages as the child grows due to some inevitable constant factors which posed a challenge for parents.

Parent pointing direction to a child

Staying abreast good parenting

However’ a good parent must be on top of the game to proactively forsee or found out negative influencing factors that militate against good parenting.  That whenever any of these challenges pose to  child upbringing it must be instantly mitigated early enough, no room must be given to it to escalate.

But how can a parent found out or probably foresee challenges before it comes. Get this right, its only by having knowledge of the  negative influencing factors(internal or external), knowing the constant challenges that such factor may likely pose as treats in early childhood stages and having handy the right skills and principles good parent needs  to tackle same will help our parent easily found out and mitigate such in a child  during periods of up bringing.

This article is set to explain the meaning of Parenting, its Challenges, and Good parenting principles that serve as guidelines to solving parenting challenges

What is parenting?

Parenting can also be referred to as raising a child. It describes everything that encompasses all a parent needs to do to develop a child until he’s fully grown.

Wikipedia defines it as the process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood. It refers to the complication of raising a child and not exclusively for a biological relationship.

This denotes that Parenting is the process or the art of raising a child who does not necessarily have to be related by birth or involved by birth.

Parenting a child amidst dependent factors   

The way a parent brings up his child is dependent on several factors. These factors may include but not limited to culture, educational background and social class.


The entire world is rich in culture as from different background. The accepted norms can be different insome of the the area children reside in. It is the belief systems of what is right or wrong, which is also dependent on the environment or society.

Level of education exposure

A parents can be either educated or illiterate. The fact that a parent is educated also is one part, possibility that such parent is well enlighted is another check. All this can also determine or affect the upbringing of the child.

Parents teaching act of reading book to a child

Social class

Refers to the societal class a parent belong to or social status sco of a parent. It can be a rich or poor. A parent can also be either a working-class or middle class.

The above listed is one of the factors that explain why two children cannot be brought up the same way. And If they cannot be brought up the same way, it means there are different styles or methods of up-bringing children which can be term styles of parenting.

Parenting Styles

Development psychologist Diana Baumrind identified three main parenting styles in early child development, including an additional one came from research. These styles include ” Authoritarian, Authoritative, Permissive, Uninvolved Parenting styles”.

Authoritarian parenting style

This is the too strict style. Parents who practice this style are very paramount about the rules they make being obeyed. There are little responsibilities from them; they require total obedience from their children and any deviation may attract punishment.

In 1983, subjecting this style to review; Diana Baumirind found that children raised in this style were less cheerful, moodier, and more vulnerable to stress. It is popular in the working-class home. 

Authoritative parenting style

 It is described by Baumrind as the ‘’just right’’ style as it combines a medium level demands on the child and a medium level responsiveness from the parents. Findings shows that this style is more beneficial than the too hard or too soft permissive style. This style of Parenting encourages equal participation between parent and child.

Permissive parenting

As the name denotes, it means that parents who administer this style of parenting’ values their child’s freedom. These parents say that their children are free from external constraints and tend to be highly responsive to whatever the child wants at the time. This style is more prevalent in middle-class families. It is the too lenient type.

Uninvolving parenting

This style can be deduced to be one where parents are not actively involved in raising a child both in the emotional and physical aspects. There is no relationship and communication between parents and children operating with this style. These children suffer emotionally and in their academics.

Having known some parenting style and the related advantages each style of parenting evolve with, we can simply deduce that any of this parenting style can work in different situations to perfect upbringing. Therefor it is advisable to maintain a balance score card and administer which ever suit the situation when parenting challenge pops up.

What are the parenting common challenges?

Parenting challenges

Before we further discuse this, let us accept the general fact that parenting challenge is innumerable and also admit that at every stage in child upbringing, the periods attracts one or more challenges despite some challenges are common in attributes.

What then is parenting challenges?

As fulfilling as it seems to raise a child, the findings we gathered from majority of parents out there who gave answers to this few questions for us to generalize our view is as below enlisted  

·        Can parenting be demanding? Yes.

·        Can it be frustrating? Yes

·        Annoying? Yes

·        Is there challenges associated with parenting? Capital YES.

With the understanding of what Parenting encompasses, it can be variably deduced that parenting challenges are the difficulties parents encounter when raising a child.

Parent help a toddler to walk on his leg

These difficulties(challenges) could be as a result of internal or external factors. The internal factors means the elements that cause challenges from the actions of a child or parents. At the same time, external factors include elements that come as difficulties because of influence such as friends, pressure group, media, society etc.

However, tor this article we will limit our discussion on internal factors. Let us look at the internal factors real time in order that parents learn from it as thus said and I quote “chartity begins at home”. What are the common challenges (difficulties) that  parents faces every day in raising a child?

Common challenges of parenting


It is the issue of how a parent is to relate and bond with their child, how to connect with them emotionally, and to understand what they want and say. Effective communication as always been a strong barrier to parenting kids during periods of up-bringing. Sometime feedback are wrongly decode and this often lead to mis understranding between child and parent.

Satisfying their wants

The difference between a want and a need is clear. As a good parent, one of our utmost priorities is to provide the basics necessity of life for a child. The needs are essential and constant, but the wants are unending. This is because children crave for what they see’ they have high tendency of impulse buying. As a parent, this can be a challenging, especially if they cry anytime they want you to get it done for them even when it is not needful.

Behavioral control

Controlling a child’s behavior can be demanding. It is so because children have lots of annoying attitudes, from throwing tantrums to complaining and whining, to making them obey instructions and putting them to observe routine but they seldom err. Imparting them with good morals takes time, how they know what to do and what not to do happen gradually but it get most parents to blow fuses.


The scarcity of time is the biggest challenges of them all. Reason being that parents have to shuffle between work, children, self, and other responsibilities. And if one factor suffers at the expense of others, then it leads to an unbalanced life. Amidst this odds are other economic factors that are crucial to all the fact mentioned.

If there are challenges, then there should be solutions’ good ways to ovewrcome it without pain in the butt. These solutions are the skills and principles required by parents in resolving the parenting difficulties(challenges) as it comes during periods of child upbringing.

How to overcome parenting challenges (difficulty)?

Solutions to common parenting challenges

7 Principle of good parenting

Application and administering of the below parenting skills and principles will help easen the burden. The skills needed for good parenting includes,

Understand your child

As a parent, you want to be involved in affair of your child “every if possible”. You want to monitor, set control and correct them where necessary to as soon as possible. At any point they misbehave, you cannot keep calm but yell. That is the issue. First calm down’ yelling most time doesn’t solves the problem. Instead of trying to control your child’s behavior, understand their perspective and feelings. Ask them why they act the way they do. Use logical reasoning to get through to them.

Ning-Te Wang’s research findings are clear; the more you shout at your children, the more their behavior worsens. But if you understand them, you can always win them over. Try to listen to what they have to say.

By having a listening ears, thus will go a long way in solving the challenge of behavioral controland satisfying wants. In satisfying wants, explain to them your reason why they cannot always get what they want instead of having to yell why you cannot.

Every child is unique

Each child has strengths and weaknesses. They all have what they are good at. As a parent, identify their strength and weakness and help them build on it. Through effective communication, you can get to know these weaknesses and strengths.

For example, a child can be creative or good at basketball. Help them build their talents or what they love doing most. Children do not grow in the same way. If you understand this, you will be able to relate to them well.


It is the act of making your children do things themselves. It is expedient that as a good parent, you want to watch out their way. However, in the long run, they do not always need it. Making them own up for their actions gives them a reason for belonging. It makes them independent in the long run. You do not have to be all about supervising or monitoring all their actions’ however follow up reasonably.

Larry Nelson’s research shows that helicopter parenting causes children to become less engaged in school and causes their well-being to suffer too.

The parenting skills to develop is to learn how to make your child responsible and independent. Let them make choices, and if they fail, let them understand why they did. And inturn mentor them on how best to achieve their positive goals

Good communication

Be open to your children and communicate with them honestly. Take time to understand them before you pass judgement. Give room for expression and mindset to always say the truth. Enlighten them on how to nareate scene vividly and not how to cover up lies with lies.

Do as you teach

Children quickly get accustomed to what they see, especially if it is all the time. Do everything you want them to do. Let them model your works and not obey rules. For example, if you are teaching honesty, you cannot afford to lie. Children pick up from their parents faster. And don’t administer discipline when you are anoid or angry. Be patient.

Parents and children time together in the kitchen

Create time to spend together as a family

Time spent together enhances bond. Play with them and let them be free with you. When children learn to play, they can be creative, and they learn how to use their minds. Set a family time where everyone will be available to be together.Pray together, sing together, exercise together and I am sure while you do this you learn your children and from thence you can seize the avenue to sensitize them.

Take Care of Yourself

As much as you try to be a good parent, you cannot deny the fact that Parenting is stressful. Often, many responsibilities are kept out of place when your child is born. Your health is essential. If you ignore it, it will become a bigger problem down the road.

The stress can lead to emotional imbalance. If you are not in the right state of mind and if you are not physically fit, how will you manage their demands? It will affect your child too.

Ask for parenting help if need be. Have a personal time for self care. Spend enough time with your spouse too. Let your physical and emotional well-being be in check.

Good Parenting can not only be imagined but brought to reality. These few steps will guide you to your dreamed good parenting lifestyle. You want to share your view with us’ kindly use the comment box below’ we can’t wait long to hear from you. Thanks for reading.


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