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6 Best Practical Ways to Impact Good Morals Into a Child


Bringing out the best morals a child needs in a demoralized world

The foundation that an individual ability to decipher right from wrong is built on can be called “Values”. And on values which is termed foundation will all building blocks of good morals minus the bad ones be built upon.

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Good Morals

Morals are standard principle alike acceptable behaviors that gives room to living a peacefully life with others. Good morals are like building blocks that shapes up good characters. They are generally accepted by anyone with good minds; ideally, its normal ways of living. And its’ something that is inculcate-able.

However, the challenge of how to up bring a child with good morals is absolutely inevitable. It is also one of the most challenging duty of parents. Meaning despite odds of impacting good morals’ yet, every good parent indeed wants the betterment of his or her child life in speech, taught and characters.

What parents desires for a child?

Every good parents desire for success and greatness of their child’ is to surpass their own. Parents wants a child to be the best he/she can be. That is why training up kids with good morals is of utmost importance to parents; because they know bad company corrupt good characters. A child that is well brought up’ inculcate and acts with good morals; is most likely to be loved by everyone, find acceptance amidst people in his/her life endeavors and living a peaceful life above all.

Examples of good morals to impact into a child

The good morals we are talking about here includes but not limited to things like always telling the truth, tolerating differences, being respectful, fairness, embrace justice, kindness, being courageous, love, keeping promises, be forgiving just to list but a few. All this are generally acceptable everywhere in the world. Fact is that people that embrace living with this principles hardly have misunderstanding nor fall into troubles.

Barrier to up-bringing a child with good morals

Despite the desire of good parents for a child; while you try to bring up a child with moral concepts, you will always be faced with one barrier or the other that seldom makes parenting a child with good morals seems difficult task to you.

Your good parenting efforts are sometimes disrupted by negative influences beyond immediate control. Negative influence that kids are directly or indirectly exposed to; these may include the social media, peer influence, environment where you live, uncensored songs, TV series, technology, social places you visit and lots more’ that our current society houses. All these are “Buts” that posed a demanding challenge to all good parents and makes them often raise questions.

Parents frequently ask questions on “good morals”

Yes’ parents queries! why?, how?, what? when? and where to? because they know the tendency that a child will be exposed to either good or bad morals early in life is very high; starting right from the parents or guardian’ talk less of their immediate environs.

In other words, a child can easily learn what he/she sees his or her parent or guardian do, how parents or guardian live their life, how parents interacts, programs a child watch on TV with parent, musics often listened to, places we take a child to and lots more.

Definitely, its obvious that a child is likely to easily imitate the characters they are exposed to early in their life. And with this few explanation starting from parents or guardian, the immediate environs where we live and to the outside world’ the queries parents raise about “Good morals” find bases. Let look into few curated questions gathered from parents below highlighted

Parents having a talk with a child on good moral

What can we do to mitigate bad morals?

How can we break the barriers to impacting good morals?

Does the challenges of impacting good morals has solution?

How to help a child inculcate good morals?

Where can I as a parent start to help my child grow with good morals?

How can I impact good lasting morals on my child?

What are example of good morals my child can learn?

How to teach good morals to children?

Why is it important to teach a child good morals?

And lots more

With all the frequently ask question above and related mind disturbing ones you as a parents is facing right now respect to good morals which often come up in your taught, I want you to know that you are not alone in this. Definitely’ its a general challenge in every part of the world’ that every modern days parents have to wake up early to solve. The world is unfolding through technology drives and the impact same is having on the psychological well being of children is yet to be fully known.

In order to help our child build a great future and also to make the world a better place worth living for all, every parents has a role to play in this. To cut the story short, the lasting solutions is what this article subject matter “6 Best Practical Ways to Impact Good Morals Into a Child” answered.

Impacting good morals into a child

What can a Parent do?

Find lasting solutions to the challenges militating against impacting good morals by solving the frequently ask questions by parents

There are simple secrets to handle it. First stay calm, read with open mind to learn and implement this simple secret. This secret has been subjected to test on many kids from different background, color and race starting with them in their early childhood, say from toddlers and through preschool to school age. And it has yielded positive result in many children that it has been administered on.

Most parent that adopt this few step has come back to testify to its effectiveness and simplicity in area of implementation. So, without wasting time, lets dive deep to find out the takes to decipher the 6 best practical ways to impact good morals and values into a child from any background. Here we go….

Parental influence

Simply defined as the opinion, attitude or action that shapes a child’s character. This can be pointed at as the easiest influence. Reason being that most early childhood time is likely to be spent with parents. And children easily learn what they see daily.

A New Study from the University of Chicago also suggests that parent’s sensitivity to other people’s feelings and to injustice may influence early moral development in their children.
Development Neuroscientist Jean Decety and his colleague also carried out a research which revealed that children mostly carry out morals from their parents.

Parent playing with a child

This explains that your child watches your reactions to master your attitudes as it relays to others and how a parent response to situations; in this notion as a parent you really need to be a good role model to a child; laying more emphasis on molding your child’s thinking and behavioral attitudes through own characters.

Having known that as a parent you invariably have strong influence over the decisions and actions your child takes early in his or her childhood stage; its left for you to solely help out. Take for example, if you want your kids to be sensitive to empathy, fairness and justice or be responsible, then you must care, act it and show them the way to administer same.
Let them watch you do what you teach and also see you as a living example every time or otherwise they will take your words as fables and from such assumption bad morals can start crippling in. In one word as a good parent you must act as a ‘Model’ to your child or children. Parents are the first book kids read so please be the type that practice what you teach.

Monitor their use of Social Media

The word social media in this context is a broad one. It contains the internet, television and any social platform already in existence they can be likely exposed. Take for example media through act of watching television.

Television; of which had been known to disseminate diverse kinds of information respect to their media programs can relay sometimes good and sometimes bad information. However, as a parent’ it is your responsibility to keep tabs on what they watch, at what time they do and the hours they spend watching; all this have to be moderated at best you can. The idea herein is that little children like to practice what they see and even asides acting like you, they can also imitate and easily act like the characters they see on television’ this can’t be funny until you see them do it.

A good fact finding for example is a male child who watches a cartoon can want to act such character out. Either as a spider man, batman or any other he sees or if it’s a girl, may want to dress and be like Barbie. Also take for instance when they watch action packed films; they tends to demonstrate any of the scene that entice them to the best of their knowledge real time after watched.

A mother and child surfing the internet on laptop

To help the situation, parent can censor what the kids watch. You really can’t be with them all the time but you can assist by using parental control keys on the TV. You can also assist them in selecting educational programs to watch on their own when you busy. As much as also try to create time to watch with them different educative and fun programs and ask them what they learnt to help drive in morals. By doing this you can filter their wrong mindset and affirm the right notions.

Internet also is trendy’ and at top takes for information dissemination even at speed of light. Internet has come to stay. Also it has become part of all daily dealings in modernize country. Kids exposure to this can’t be override. So I advocate its good to let kids surf the internet in terms of developing their IQs. However, as a parent we must guide against the abuse. The side effect if misused can be detriment to good morals.

Simple way to help out in this situation is do not put a desktop in their room just yet because you will not always be there. Systems are not to be position in remote place where parent can not easily access what a child is doing online. But, if you must do, you can design it to be one with parental controls that way you can monitor what they view.

You may want to quest about other hand held devices e.g smart phones, Ipads and the likes. Its very good, parent can also set access control where necessary in area of the program installed. Parental control program like Qustodio software can also be configured to filter access to internet. It can lock out access to unauthorized sites. Its comprehensive suite of tools that can help keep kids safe online and its also rich in content filtering with time limits. There many other good programs that can perform same task of keeping kids free from online pollutions.

Watch out for their friends’ help to filter the good one from the bad

As a parent, the fact that you need to know your child or children’s friends cannot be over emphasized. This is because friendship goes a long way for children. A child can be easily influenced by who he or she hang out with. Peer influence is strong and has been the order of the day.

Two young boy in good friendship walking on a road path

Further more, you must endeavor to sensitize your child on the importance of friendship and what it entails. The intricacies of keeping good friend is must be enlightened on. The act of choosing and keeping good friends and avoiding bad ones must be teach to a child as he or she grows.

Take for example, the act of love and selflessness is a basic rudiment expected in a sincere friendship. Parent should help a child learn how these morals help in selecting and keeping good friends.

Teach your child what to watch for while playing out with friends. That way if there is any contrary contribution to what your child has learnt; such as strife, fights, stealing, rough play, lies, malice and the likes they can easily know and do away with such friends.

Despite teaching a child all this principle, a parent also must ask questions about any friend you see with your child, Query your child negative reactions. Watch out for unusual characters. Question bad utterances and correct them when found out. This and many others strategy will let you know how to help your child out in odd situations. Train your child to always say the truth and let him or her belief can confide in you; be the best friend.

Use your personal experiences and real life applications

Asides being a model to your kids, you can also share your personal experiences to encourage a child. That is; to explain those morals you had that was able to put you through at their age.

A family playing board game together

Morals that helped you like obedience, respect, honesty among others and how it made you a better person and those you wished you never did like lies and the rest.Let them know the consequence of bad morals. Sure life application has always been one of the key solution that help a child relate well especially if it is coming from you as their parent. It sounds tales’ but a good compass with map is it on their path goal to living a good moral life; kids will always want to listen to as many as possible of your true life experience.

Acknowledge good deeds; also’ orientate them on how to avoid the bad deeds

It can also mean to reward good acts. Everyone likes to be rewarded or praised when they do something significantly good. Children are not exempted. When you reward them, you boost their confidence to continue with such actions. It shows them they are on the right track’ doing the right thing.

A mother curdling her child

They can understand which action they get scolded at and others they get a reward for.
For example, if your child does all his chores on time and well, you can reward him by showing or speaking it and by also commending his efforts. Alternatively, you can get the child an ice cream or some sweets. However it should not be a norms so he does not get spoiled by it. Acknowledging a child good deeds will enhance the morals and such child will be eager to do it again. This does not negate the area of letting them know and carry out their daily chores

Teach them through the word of God’

As a parent you can also teach your child good morals from the Bible. It says we should train a child in a good way so that when your child is old he will not depart from it. The word of God is sharper than two edged sword. If any lack wisdom let him ask from Him that has and gives all things liberally. Also emphasis the place of prayer in all live endeavors.

How can you get this from the bible?

There are many biblical characters for children to emulate. From Samuel who obeyed his parents at a very young age [obedience] to David who stood up for the people of Israelite [courage] and Joseph who ran away from immorality [chastity] and also Esther who went to face the dreaded king on behalf and sake of her people [Boldness] among others.You can also show them the characters of those who did wrong and their outcome. You can share with them the consequences of bad actions. For example, Gehazi was [courteous] and he ended inflicting leprosy on not just himself but also his generation. Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus Christ because of the love for money [greed] also died mysterious death.
There are a whole lot more characters to evaluate and imitate to learn true life good moral lessons.
These 6 practical ways is a proven guide and if diligently implemented will not only help your child grow lasting good morals and values but also it will help them to command respect due to them and also develop them to be good leader of people in nearby future

You may also have other true ways and live experiences that works, please don’t hesitate to let us know’ use the comment box below. However these 6 best practical steps are very easy to follow and practicable. They have been proven to work over time. Thanks for reading

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