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Best Educational Toys for Brain Development in a Child

By Samuel O. Roselyn July 24, 2020

How you can choose helpful toys that enhance brain development in a child?

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Why Children Needs Educational Toys?

Educational toys is proven to help develop the cognitive function of children as well as provides fun for playtime;that is why parents need to understand the role of educational toys in a child’s life. The importance of educational toys for a child can’t be overemphasized. Like it helps a child to grow fast intellectually by stimulating the brain; this is a feature that will last for a lifetime. Lots of benefits can be derived when a child play with educational toys, especially those that are interactive toys sets.

Please feel good to read on as there are lots of helpful information to help parent chose the right toys at the right time for different age’ speaking from my experience in area of child development, education and play base learning involving educational toys of different kinds.

A child laying down on a colt play at toys interactively
A child laying down on a colt play at toys interactively

This article is put together from direct engagement with different kind of children real time in class-base setting and home school settings. Other area where I have use toys to educate kids is not limited to after school child care and development support, babysitting experience and lots more.

And I am sure this article will serve as a guide for parents to recognize and understand the function of toys in child development and how the age of children is dependent on the kind of toys that should be introduced as kids grows. Here is a list of Toys recommended for children based on the age group

Educational toys for infants or babies (Children at age 0-1 year old)

Babies are cute and fun to play with despite their cries and excessive fuss. Educational toys for a baby are usually uncomplicated and straightforward to exercise the baby’s mind and not strain them at the same time.

Example of a toys suitable for such task includes

Cups stacking:

A baby playing cup stacking
A baby playing cup stacking

This is a play option that keeps a baby busy and fun-filled, these cups are colorful and fancy, turned over or kept beneath each other, a baby recognizes how to stack these cups or specially arrange them. This toy also helps to develop a child’s cognitive ability, problem-solving skills, and motor skills. It provides an opportunity for you to play more with your baby, helping them to define a particular baby language.

Parents loves to read: Smart Interactive Children Learning Tablet Computer

Teething Toys with a Winkle rattle:

Baby play at Teething toy
Baby play at Teething toy

This is another suitable toy for a baby. At this stage, babies like to put too many things in their mouth. Therefore it gives a baby something to munch with their gums, which calms teeth sores. It also has an additional feature, which is the winkle rattle formed as a cubic shape at the center, which makes a fun rattle sound when shaken. This toy helps babies understand the effect and cause of the music. It also enables them to shake the toy more to hear the rattle sound.

Moosical Baby Cow Toy:

Moosical bead for baby and toddlers

This cow toy is made perceptible to a baby’s sense of touch; hence it improves their sense of touch. It is a warm cuddly toy that strengthens a baby’s brain neurons.

The cow toy has moosical beads with a light button that flashes when grasped. There are over 30 tunes, sounds and musical words creating lovely sounds.

Bumpy Roll Ball:

A child play at bumpy roll ball
A child play at bumpy roll ball

This toy is a fun tool for your baby, you can toss it to them and catch it when thrown. It is a perfect toy to play catch, makes a rattling sound when a child shakes it. The ball is filled with light-up, bold colors that enhance a child’s vision. It possesses a square that spins which helps to build a child’s motor skill.

Best Educational toys for toddlers (Children at age 1-3 years old)

Toddlers require unique toys different from a baby’s toy. Toddlers are more interested in play and concentrate more on toys; it is essential to get the right toys that will improve their minds. Toys that will make toddler start to feel their immediate environs’ toys that will make them want to walk around on their feet and use their arms at play. A kind of toy that can make them want to communicate verbally’ make good use of their imaginative and creative mind, develop social skills, promote healthy brain stimulation and lots more.

A toddler with Mom playing at toys
A toddler with Mom playing at toys

Example of best Educational toys for toddlers includes

Mega Block building:

A boy play at block toy
A boy play at block toy

There a lots of different kinds of block building toys out there. However most of them are classic toy which comprises of simple blocks, colorful with bright assorted hue. Block building is fun when your child is building different sizes and shapes that come to mind.

The Block building toy boosts a toddler’s creativity and morale, giving them the freedom to create any shape they are inspired to build. It also increases their level of concentration on a task and improves their excellent motor skills.

Nursery Rhymes Musical Book:

Nursery rhythms musical book
Nursery rhythms musical book

The Musical rhymes book creates an opportunity to entertain your child and also develops a toddler’s skills in sounds of music, language learning, reading and speaking. This toy has other fun options like five bright coloured buttons for playing the piano, which provides quality musical sound.

It’s a book filled with six classic nursery rhymes; the pages are well decorated with flashy colours and a star that lights up when there is a sound. All these features are enough to catch your child’s fancy and also to create the best learning experience suitable for this age.

Classic Peg Bench:

A child at play with peg bench
A child at play with peg bench

This bench is an exciting toy for your child. It comes with colorful pegs that are hinged to the bench as well as a mallet. The mallet is used to hit the pegs; this is the fun part for the child as the pegs reveal cute faces instantly.

This game works like a peekaboo game and helps a child to understand the power of cause and effect, and it also helps to stimulate their motor skills.

Best Educational Toys for Preschoolers ( Children at age 3-5 years old)

At this stage, new toys are introduced to enhance a child’s cognitive function and also opening their mind to get used to the educative materials of this generation trending technology. There are several toys suitable for preschoolers, examples include but not limited to

Flash Cards:

Flash card displaying Color, Shape, Letter, Number and Object
Flash card displaying Color, Shape, Letter, Number and Object

These flashcards contain four features, which include Alphabets, Colors, Shapes, and Numbers. This tool is essential for learning, it is also fun-filled and highly recommended to help your child grasp the knowledge of numbers quickly and improve their retentive memory.

The flashcards are written boldly with bright colors to illuminate each word. You can use it effectively to play a game of question and answer with your child by calling a particular letter or name of a color and asking him/her to point at it.

Educational Tablet Toy:

Touch and teach tablet for preschool
Touch and teach tablet for preschool

This is a classic toy that provides access to the latest fun teachings for kids. It is a touch pad that has several versatile features for learning and fun. The toy has captivating games, learning cards, and quizzes that help to sharpen every preschooler’s intellect and educational skills.

Fun Board Game:

Board type game children can play with parent
Board type game children can play with parent

This board game is a fun family game that enhances the bond with kids and their family. It is a game that can accommodate close to 7 players. It helps children to learn the art of competition at an early stage.

It comprises of tiles that have various labels of words explaining images on the Zingo Cards. The first person to fill the cards on the tiles wins the game. This technique helps kids to associate words easily with images; hence it sharpens their intellect.

Best Educational Toys for School-Age Kids ( Children at age 5-12 years old)

At this level, a child is ready to play with more enhanced toys like their favourite animation character toy, tablet, or android powered toys which are top technology gadgets of this century. Example of such toys are

Cash Register Toy:

Child play cash registry game
Cash registry game a child can play

This is a fascinating toy that helps every child’s calculation skills. It is a game of money that also helps a child in mathematics and quantitative tests. The cash register toy trains a child’s mind to excel in business.

Fun Gravity Maze Puzzle:

Kids play gravity maze puzzle with an educator
Kids play gravity maze puzzle with an educator

This game is a marble run game suitable for School-Age kids. It provides a task for a child to build a maze tower; the built tower allows the marble to fall from the start position to the target.

This puzzle game provides up to 60 tasks that advance from beginners to expert. The fun gravity maze marble run is a game that improves a child’s concentration and sharpens their focus. It is fun and helps to exercise your child’s brain at the same time. Puzzles are generally useful for building and enhancing a child’s planning and problem-solving skills.

Science Explorer Kit:

Science kit for school age
Science kit for school age

The science kit is very educative, especially for kids that have interests in science subjects. It gives children the opportunity and freedom to mix all kind of chemicals. Hence they learn the importance of chemistry as well as other chemical reactions and the products of such reactions.

There are also aspects of scientific tools and their uses. Your child can learn how to build a volcano that changes color and have fun with breeding brightly colored crystals. The science kit helps children to explore the fun and education in science. There are different kinds of this game out there ranging from engineering, science, lab technology and nature, amazing mummies and lots more; in other word one can pick the one suitable for the kids.

Math link Cubes Game:

A look at an example of math link cube game
A look at an example of math link cube game

This game is a sure bet to help your child to enjoy solving mathematical or arithmetical problems. It is a popular tool used by parents homeschooling their kids.

The toy simplifies and teaches children any math-related problems like square numbers, fractions, volume and area. It encourages children to count numbers; it also has geometric shapes and blocks.

Best Educational Toys For Older Children (Teenagers)

At this stage, a child has no interest in mere toys, but in something much more enhanced; anything needful for their advancement.


There are several magazines suitable for teenagers. Magazines help children to cultivate a reading culture, which improves their knowledge on any subject they have particular interests in.

Video Games:

Video games is another teenager’s obsession with fun. However, it should not be too excessive for a child because its specific role is exercising a child’s brain, training the eyes to coordinate movement with the hands.

Among many other amazing toys, these few examples are curated to give parents a perfect idea of the type of toys that should be introduced to children based on their age grade. Many toys out there are also good sample to educating or developing kids’ we welcome related information that can compliment this with other example of tested and proven toys that help grow kids. We appreciate your views, please feel free to comment in our comment box below. Thanks for reading.

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