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How to Educate the Mind of a Child

Making of a total child

A way of bringing out the best in a child goes further than lessons learnt in classroom. It involve other process of learning and assimilating that positively groom a child to be self reliant in every facet of life be it spiritual and physical.

In other word, it is the shaping of the future at hand which are the children with the positive minds sets and heart. And this can be achieved not by mere talk but by educating the mind of children from early stage of there life through shaping of the way a child think and respond to the immediate world around them within and without.

Right Use of the Mind

I can not over emphasis that thinking right is a skill that can be learn; more so the ability to use our mind and heart right in every facet of live really matter. If then after a child is given birth to and the child mind were left unattended to or left into wrong hand to shape(develop) their mind, its sure will latter has a negative impact and affect their way of life even the entire world around them.

A wrong hands or evil mind sure exist’ which term are purely wrong mind developer and as such don’t care about other; respect to this, a young mind in hand of such person can never be brought up or develop in the right way’ “Never” I emphasis, rather such young mind in the hands of evil developer will be polluted or poisoned to continually do evil too.

Get the concept right, it is very possible to educate and develop a child mind starting from early stage of there life and also it is a good thing for a child to learn how to use his/her mind for it to be a friendly tool to him/her right from there early age.

The mind of an individual can be friendly and ever working towards positive mental alertness, attitude, health and lots more if such is properly educate and developed right from birth to do so by hands of good developer who know how to handle same through the power of positive thinking. Thinking in right manner can be used to achieve positive outcomes, can also be use to control ego, minimize stress, anxiety etc just by proper use of the mind.

Child at Early Stage

The growing of a child mind which begin at early stage of their life after birth started whence such is alike a blank slate or just formatted memory which await right program to be code in thereof. To grow a positive mindset is a not a day journey, I mean to develop a child heart and mind in a way that it will be open to continuous learning and development of good thing can be challenging moves in the current polluted world of evil however it is achievable.

Right thinking sure is thus from right mind and can be used to achieve many good thing like win, breakthrough, magnetize good thing, achieve success, analyse and solve problems. Thinking in the right mind can also help us achieve positive outcomes in career, education, employment, mental health, personal development and physical fitness. Our mind can help us become resilient, talented, intelligent and smart; once its combined with effort and focus in the right direction starting from birth.

The mind of a child is “like a blank slate at birth

Baby Care Round The Clock

It is information, environment and people that influences the growth of a child, and as well as a vital role to play in every education a child receives and accepts. A child has many phases in growth, but educating the mind of a child is the best foundation of learning you can give a child. At the foundation stage, the child is educated by the exposure to his/her immediate environment. A popular saying already explains how to educate the mind of a child, it goes thus, “Don’t tell a child what to do, show them what to do”.
Are you a parent, guardian or teacher passionate about helping a child to get the best education that will greatly influence his/her life and future, it is your responsibility to understand how the mind of a child works and how to educate a child adequately. Every child is the future, hence their education is of utmost importance to the society at large. What kind of future do we hope for? What kind of future do we want to embrace, all this depends on how and if we educate the mind of our children.

What is Education?

Education can be defined as any act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character or physical ability of an individual or a child. It can also be defined as the process by which the society deliberately transmits its accumulated knowledge, skills, and values from one generation to another.

Mind meaning

The element of a person or an human that enables them to be aware of the world around and their related experiences which may involve to think, analyse, to feel take decision, distinguish and do many others things by means of the faculty of consciousness and thought.

The Mind According to Wikipedia

The set of cognitive faculties Including consciousness, imagination, perception, thinking, judgement, language and memory which is housed in the brain( sometimes including the central nervous system). It is usually defined as the faculty of an entity’s thoughts and consciousness, it holds the power of imagination, recognition, and appreciation, and is responsible for processing feelings and emotions, resulting in attitudes and actions.

Education and Mind is Vital in Child Development

The definition of education as well as mind has made us realize that both are intertwine, the mind is not complete without education, as well as education doesn’t have complete value if it does not influence the mind. The mind is responsible for processing feelings and emotions that results in attitudes and actions, this is the point where the value of education cannot be overemphasized. Education of the mind helps the mind to process the right kind of feelings and emotions, hence producing the right attitude and actions in a child.

How the Mind of a Child Works

There are three functions of the mind, this include (Thought, Feelings, and Desires). Having this knowledge can help to guide you on how to educate the mind of a child. The three functions aforementioned “thoughts, feelings and desires” plays a vital role in the way a child minds process information.

As a child grows from one stage to another, their feelings, thoughts and desires as well change. And to understand the mind of a child, you need to understand how the mind and brain develop and change overtime. The mind of a child is different from the mind of an adult. Children are really good and free at communicating their feelings, thoughts and desires. They are see things, listen to people around them and easily imitate what they see and hear; they can also express what they see and hear. There’s a part in a child responsible for the ability of a child to grasp what he sees, this part is known as the “ visual working memory”.

The Visual Working Memory in a Child

The visual working memory is a core cognitive function in which a child combines all what he/she sees together at that point in time to have more focus/ attention on his/her surroundings. Relaying this fact to the educating the mind of a child, it thus has a special role when this area of the child is effectively work upon by guardians

Fast Developmental Rate of Child Mind at Early Stage

This development happens really fast in children, and it is a call to parents and guardians to be very cautious about what and how they feed the mind of their children. Every child can be affected with either positive energy or negative energy felt in the surrounding.

Social Cognition

Children also look to the nearest adult in their life for guidance and direction when they are uncertain about what to do, it can be their parents, older siblings, guardians or teachers. This is a process that every child experiences and it is called “ social cognition” or “ social referencing” , at this point parents and teachers should observe what the child talks about, how the child speaks or expresses its thoughts and desires, they can be corrected and monitored easily at this stage.

Parental Myths

Every parent expect the mind of a child to grasp certain qualities that determines a good child, for instance the ability to share, many children do not learn to share until later. A child needs to learn to share with others willingly, this promotes strong social network with peers as well as enhances positive vibes, this process is known as the ”Theory of the mind”

Theory Of Mind

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Theory of the mind is simply the ability to differentiate one’s personal perspective and preference from others, this explains the habit of sharing. This theory is an important tool that helps a child to learn, develop empathy and also build quality friendships.

Foundation Stage of Child Learning “Actions are Better than Words”

Educating a child is not just about saying mere words because talk is cheap, however it requires conscious actions and positive efforts of parents, guardians, teachers and families to achieve the aim of giving a child the necessary education in life. Once you have successfully imparted the right knowledge and education during the foundation stage of a child, you can be rest assured that it will greatly influence that child positively as they grow older. A popular saying explains this “ Teach a child in the way he should go and he will never depart from it”.

Educating the mind of a child

The Heart of a Child is as Important as the Mind

Some parents make the mistake of ascribing the responsibility of education to teachers alone, this won’t help the child to attain the stature of intelligence, even if it helps the cognitive aspect of that child, the emotional intelligence will be neglected. Developed cognitive abilities without emotional intelligence is an incomplete education of the mind.
Developing the mind of a child is essential but it doesn’t yield much if the heart is neglected

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”. Aristotle
Educating the heart refers to the importance of not only focusing on developing the cognitive aspects of a child(the mind) but also all the qualities that make a child human (the heart) and ultimately give meaning in our lives.

Emotional Intelligence

Education is Incomplete Without Emotional Intelligence’ Why?

Science clearly shows that teaching skills such as empathy, compass, altruism, and kindness helps children to be successful in school and later in life. Emotional intelligence includes awareness, understanding and the ability to express and manage one’s emotions.
When educating the mind of a child most parents, teachers and guardians tend to focus on logical reasoning of a child and neglect the emotional side of that child.
How can you improve the emotional intelligence of a child? Create the conditions where children feel connected with others and have the opportunity to practice social and emotional skills with others.

Steps to Take for the Development of a Child’s Mind

Certain steps must be taken for a child’s cognitive development, it is synonymous to brain development because the brain works together with the mind. It is significant to say whatever affects the brain also affects the mind, however they are not the same.

The brain is a physical organ that is connected to the mind than any other organ, it works with the consciousness of the mind but the mind is not restricted to the brain, the mind is part of the invisible world of thought, feelings, attitude, beliefs and imagination. Unlike the brain, the mind is not physical but It exists and affects every feeling and emotions. Development of a child’s mind describes how a child’s intellect grows, which includes cognitive development like thinking, learning and problem-solving skills. These are the skills that affects every other areas of development, these steps are very important for a child’s cognitive development, they are activities that must be encouraged daily. Activities like playing, reading, relieving a child’s stress as well as staying present to answer the child’s questions and allay his/her fears.


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This is an important step for the development of a child’s cognitive ability, social skills and emotional growth, there is a popular saying that “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”. Encouraging play in a child’s routine is a good way to develop the mind as well as the brain.

Play can be done in many ways like playing games, singing lullabies or many fun songs that your child can relate with, using gesticulation and making sounds with your mouth that will enhance the play songs you are singing. Toys are also an essential part of a child’s play, colorful toys are an excellent choice, block building are also amazing toys that helps the imagination and creativity of a child.


Adults are not the only ones that desires comfort when in distress, children also needs comfort at due times. From time to time it is good to show comfort to a child when such child is in distress, fear or confusion. You can comfort your child by holding their hands, hugging or cuddling them, this is a very good antidote for a child in stress. Studies have proven that loving care from parents help a child handles stress than unresponsive love or attention.


There is a popular saying that “By the books a man reads, you can tell where he will be in the next five years”, books do not only influence adults, it also affects children. The kind of book your child read goes a long way to influence how your child relates with others and his environment, it is one of the best way to develop a child’s mind as well as his brain. Language skills and oral improvement can be achieved through reading, this will help a child’s communication skills and also helps to build a child’s confidence level especially when interacting.

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Books that are filled with pictures are good for a child just starting his/her reading journey, this is because hearing words, saying the words aloud(pronunciations) and seeing pictures helps to connect more to a child’s mind and also helps to boost the mind. Encouraging repetition of books can also the mind of a child to grow rapidly, this will help to boost the child’s imagination and also give retentive memory.


As reading progresses, learn to ask the child questions based on the book and encourage his/her to point to certain pictures in the book this will help to boost recognition for the child and also the child’s memory.

This article has discussed the various methods and ideas on how to successfully educate the mind of a child. Lets’ not forget that children are the future, we must work hard to ensure they grow well, physically, intellectually and emotionally. We appreciate your views, please feel free to comment.

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