The Mermaid Goddess versus an orphan called Uju

Once upon a time, in a village where stream houses a mermaid goddess resides an orphan called Uju living with her grandma alongside other maidens. Though the maidens has been warned not to go to the stream at noon time. One day Uju told her grandma she wanted to see her intimate friend whose name is Udunka and her grandma granted her permission.

On getting to her friend’s place’ her friend told her she would be going to the stream to fetch some water. Out of ignorance Uju despise the warning of her grandma to the maidens and followed her friend Udunka to the stream with a calabash on her head to fetch water.

On their way to the stream they tell each other stories of diverse kind, gossips about neighbors and also made mention of the up coming event in the village which is selecting bride made for the kings son during which they got carried away in the gist and drawing close fast to the stream.

While approaching the stream Ujus friend name Udunka was the first person to see a strange  seen and this happen to be the river goddess bathing in the pool. And immediately Uduka acknowledge it is the river goddess nervousness took on her and she threw(flung) her calabash away and took to her heels.

However’ Uju was a curious type and wanted to know what has scared her friend away further stepped forward  to see what was chasing her friend not acknowledging it was the river goddess. The river goddess was very furious’ and cast a spell that quake the earth this make Uju fell down and the goddess  ordered the river to wash Uju into the stream and from their She took her down the stream to her abode as hostage.

Uju grandma waited for Uju to return and she didn’t until night fall and this makes her to raise alarm respect to Uju sudden disappearance. The King was informed and he assigned his town crier to request  the great hunters, herbalist and the wise men of the village to meet at his palace to discus on Uju whereabouts.

Uduka who is Uju friend was invited for interrogation and she narrated her experience  which revealed that she alongside Uju has violated the warning of her grandma and had gone to the river in the afternoon together, she narrated the scenario how the river goddess has chased after them and captured Uju.

The king of Umuocha village assemble the villagers hunters, wise men, herbalist and bid them to go in search of Uju promising them that anybody who found her will get a huge reward in kind gesture.

Down in the river goddess shrine, Uju begged the river goddess to let her return home but the river goddess would not rather She made Uju comfortable, serving her all kinds of delicacies, sweet savored foods of all kind but Uju refuses to eat and instead began to sing. This songs makes the river goddess to listened to her voice as she sings.

The river goddess loved her song and her intonations. This makes the goddess requested of Uju’ can you composed and sing a special song to praise  me the great Queen of the River?  Uju answered very well my goddess but with a clause “If only you will release me” the goddess answered that will be after I’d listened to the song you about to sing, then I could change my mind and think of your released. Uju then composed and sing the river goddess a very sweet song with all her strengths that stare the water and make the water goddess moved and was very happy.

She then asked her maidens to dress Uju in a very beautiful apparel and she also crown Uju the head of her musical bands. Uju composed new song everyday to sing for the river goddess for seven days and on the last day the goddess told Uju “you shall return to the surface of earth because of your old grandmother. She is ill about not seeing you and if you do not return she will die soon. However warned Uju never to be disobedient to rules and instruction again as the consequence may not be favorable. 

Uju was dressed in another beautiful apparel with so much gift and for the last time the river goddess requested another  song which Uju did then the river goddess endowed Uju with some powers to heal and cure diseases, the river goddess ask her maidens to accompany Uju up the river and return quickly. They did even to the river bank and went back inside the river as at when Uju was going towards the village.  .

Approaching is the prince of the village who happened to be the first to see Uju. He was very happy to find such a beautiful young lady like Uju and he bid Uju to follow her to the palace immediately. Uju refused saying that first person he will like to see is her grand ma. And the prince accompanied Uju home to see her grandma.  Immediately Uju got home her grand ma was made whole and she joined to follow both Uju and prince to the palace.

Few days later the king of Umuocha died. Uju and the Prince held their engagement and coronation on same day. Uju grand ma was brought to the palace as queens mother and Ujus friend all rejoiced at Ujus fortune and dance before her as new Queen of Umuocha.  


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