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Everybody deserve good health status and well-being!

“Medical Science has proven time and again that when the resource are provided, great progress in the treatment, cure and prevention of disease can occur~Micheal J. Fox”

Health can simple be the originality of any biological system(human) to acquire, engage in conversion, allocate, implement proper distribution and maximize utilization of energy with best efficiency. Check here for Broader Health explanation.
Health Garden! pioneered by the dflourishingkids seeks an avenue to address “A state of completeness’ Body, Mind and Spirit’. And this medium will be to provide solutions to what affect individual health using alternative like Natural therapy, Medicinal therapy(Drugs), Herbal therapy, Spiritual therapy, Physical therapy to mention but few in prevention and cures of diverse health related conditions.

A number of types of health issues are common around the global world which can lead to death of an individual or caused a severe damages  to body organs if not quickly managed and of which can be prevented, cure or maintained with proper administration of remedies. Many of this health issues will be listed and discussed, related remedies to each of it shall be found  using this medium.

Facets Of Health

Health as a state of well-being can be said to be complete when physical, mental and social status of an individual is without any form of notable blemish. The physical tell about the body. Mental relates to the thinking and feelings. Social encompass how an individual interact with his/her immediate environment.

Aspects of health which include Physical health, Mental health and Public health must be free of health issues in order to attain a state of complete well-being body, mind and soul. And from the view of the three a-fore mentioned aspect of health which include

Physical health refers to fitness of the  body system. It as a result of proper diet and nutrition, engaging in regular exercise and proper rest to enhance recovery from fatigue. Fact remains that who ever is fit physically can walk/run breathless and should be very active in daily activities without help. However, age sometimes determine how much individual can do or go be it man or woman. More so genetic is also a determining factor related to other factors which may include economic, social and ecological factors.

Mental health refers to a state of emotional and psychological well-being of an individual to properly use his/her thinking and emotional abilities in everyday society life activities. The interactions of how well-functioning of an individual feelings and ability to handle normal stress, keeping of immediate family, good friends and leading an independent life. An attribute of being able to overcome challenges without being weighed down are sign of sound mental health.

Public health refers to everyone, it emphasis prevention from health issues that affect or threat to overall health of a community. Most time it required organized efforts to be fixed. It refers to stopping infections or diseases that is unhealthy to a community of which can be contagious.

Looking at the three aspect of health explained above, one or more people are experiencing one health issues or challenges in one, two or the three aspect. However there are common health issues that can be easily cured or maintain and here lets begin by making list, symptoms and cures one after the order.

An example of Physical Health Issue called “Diabetes!” 


A disease that impair the body’s hormone insulin product of pancreas; inability to produce or respond actively there by resulting in abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates indigestion leading to increase levels of glucose content in the blood stream. It can also be called Diabetes Mellitus and comes in type.

Type 1: Symptom’s include experiencing frequent urination, there is increased thirst, increased hunger, weight loss and blurry vision.
Type 2: Can be attributes of relative lack of insulin. Symptoms may also include hunger, frequent urination, increased in thirst and hunger.

There is a stage of Pre-diabetes, this happens whence not all signs and symptoms required to diagnose diabetes are present but blood sugar is abnormal. When someone starts experiencing high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and ineffective blood glucose control it good to go for proper diagnoses.
On time observation on how diabetes affect body can help a long way to look after the body and also to control or prevent diabetics complications to further develops.

Diabetes Complications

An in-diagnosed body ailments will become a critical issue, in cases like diabetes, a long-term effects on the body is referred to Diabetes Complications and will leads to severe damages of the body organs and system. Fact is that Diabetes has negative side effects on our blood vessels and nerves and some other part of the body are affected at various degree.

Control Of Diabetes Complications

This will likely result from a poorly managed symptoms and it will usually take a number of years before it becomes in controllable. However diabetes complications are not a certainty and can be kept under control, it can be managed by continuous check and balance on your diabetes, your blood pressure and cholesterol. Regularly keeping to a healthy diet, the added advantages that can be derive in Health Benefits Of Eating Vegetables, stop intake of toxins like cigarettes and alcohol, incorporate daily routine exercise to keep body sugar level at bay recommended by guidelines on standard blood glucose levels.

Other Parts Of The Body Organs Affected By Diabetes

The Heart: Diabetes and the coronary heart diseases are closely related. Diabetes is one of major contributor to high blood pressure as result of high cholesterol. As such the heart system is prone to attacks and cardiovascular disease.

The Eyes: A relative complications of Diabetes on the eyes is termed Diabetes Retinopathy a condition that occurred as result of long time poorly controlled or managed diabetics. Diabetics Retinopathy has a number of symptoms, Retinopathy is caused by swelling and leaking of blood vessel link to the retina, which high blood pressure is one of the reasons to it. It can be treated, early discovery is a great help and by attending Retinopathy screening appointment that comes ones in a year provided free on NHS.

The Nerves And Blood Vessels: This organs if affected by diabetics will cause malfunctioning which include indigestion, wounds on the body will not heal fast and weak e-rectal system or dysfunctional sexually.
Nephropathy centered on reducing pain, medication prescribe on blood pressure lowering to help prevent development of the condition.

The Kidney: Another organ that is at risk as result of Diabetes is the kidney and this may be as a result of poorly managed or controlled diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol. Diabetics Nephropathy is the term used for kidney diseases which is caused by diabetes, it takes place over period of years if poorly managed. Going for Nephropathy screening early will help and treatment will required a life style changes, medicine to treat high blood pressure and high level of cholesterol.

Diabetes Effects On Digestion
Diabetes affect digestion in different ways. In situations where by it has caused nerve damage, this could result to nausea, constipation or diarrhea. However some Medications can cause disturbance in digestion while regulating the body system back to normality. Some on Type 2 diabetes medications for instance may cause digestive issues, though it will stop as the body system get used to it.

Diabetes And Strokes
Related to how diabetes affects the heart leading to high blood pressure and cholesterol level increased can raises the risk of strokes.

Diabetes Effect On Skin
The body nerves which are affected will experience improper circulations of body fluids. The skin conditions for sweating will be affected as result of dehydration, such person will start experiencing dry skin, slow healing of wounds, Burns and skin irritation fungal and bacterial infections and loss of feeling in the foot. It is recommended that people with Diabetes should go for check ups at intervals.

Most people with diabetes without noticing is prone to high risk of developing complications at long run if not taken care of by avoiding intake of substance that can increase its complications. Whereas People with normal blood pressure, cholesterol and well controlled diabetes have a better chance of controlling and delaying long-term damage to the body or they can as well be cured.

How To Reduce The Chances Of Developing Problem Associated With Diabetes

person using black blood pressure monitor

The people experiencing the symptoms should go for medical check-up. From there they will be counsel on what to take, steps to improve their health and blood sugar levels. A good diet and regular activity is recommended as one of the important step in helping to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol and improve blood sugar levels. They will be advice on Medications like Supplements that can also play a very good part where lifestyle changes are not sufficient. With type 1 diabetes, or other diabetes types where not enough insulin is being produced, insulin will need to be administered by injection or insulin pump.

Treatments of Diabetes Type 1 And Type 2 With Medications And Diet.

Fact is that the treatment of either Type 1 or Type 2 is generally about bringing stability to blood sugar(glucose levels) within the normal range. The Endocrinologist are the specialist in this area and such manage diabetes patient and some other high-class primary care specialist may also if they are enlightened, however diagnoses is required as to know the status and medication requirements.
Type 1 Diabetes can be managed by dietary changes, exercise and by administration of insulin.
Type 2 Diabetes can be managed by reducing weight, dietary changes and nil insulin medications.
Blood sugar controlling to normalize glucose levels implies effectiveness in controlling complications of the disease diabetes.
The choice of medications for Type 2 also required the status quo of the patient involved, considering weight, reactions, underlying health status, medications compliance and related health care system of the individual suffering from diabetes.
Type 2 medications administration may result in decrease in absorption of carbohydrates inside the digestive tract, increase excretion with high level of glucose, elevating sensitivity to insulin and notable interactions with other body system mechanism.
Proper nutrition and Health Benefits Of Fruits consumption form part of the cure and such will be administered as per test result. In situations of severe complications, Pancreas transplantation may be involved for the treatment; though study shows it is actively expertise involvement.

Diets For Diabetes Patients

A Diabetes patient have high risk prone to heart diseases and can equally develop mental health disorder such as depression. Though cases of type 2 diabetes are preventable and if under good intensive care it can be reversed.
The process of preventing or controlling diabetes will involve routine adherence to specific rules of what to eat and what not to eat; is required to enhance quick recovery and to stabilize blood sugar level.

Looking into the ideal requirement some classes of food and factors must be filtered to level of contents, amount, timing and type too. See, the content of carbohydrates, amount of fiber, fat, protein content in food will be critically look into to minimize risk of complications. Read through Glycemic index and load for further enlightenment, food with low glycemic index and load is prone to increase blood sugar content slowly compare to foods with high glycemic index or load.

Diabetes doesn’t really mean the patient should be deprived of but better eating of balanced diet that will enhance general healthy body system. Therefore feel free to take your meal as directed by physician.

Best Diet For Diabetes Patients

In the process of setting control or preventing diabetes, nutritional needs are virtually not different from the regular balance diet required, however a Diabetes Patient need to be observant of choices of foods especially the carbohydrates and if the person is fat should consider the option of weight reduction.
Losing of some calories from total weight can help lower blood sugar, pressure and reduced cholesterol level.
A fatty Patient experiencing diabetes is at high risk factor related to type 2 Diabetes. And by not working out ways to reduce your weight is dangerous, because fat that surrounds abdominal organs and liver is closely linked to resisting insulin. And such Patient should take reasonable advance towards weight reduction.

Planning A Diabetes Diet

A well plan routine food, exercise, check up will reverse diabetic. Some calories gotten from fructose those can be found in beverages with high sugar contents e.g soda, coffee drinks, energy and sports drinks and processed foods e.g doughnuts, muffins, cereal, candy and granola bars and others are likely to increase individual weight, therefore it is necessary to cut down on sugary foods in other to slim fit. It doesn’t really mean you should give up those food but reduce the intake and exercise often to burn out excess calories already in the body.

Diets Facts To Note In Controlling Diabetes.

Health Benefits Of Fruits
Health Benefits Of Fruits In Controlling Diabetes

You must avoid sugar at all costs. You can enjoy your favorite treats as long as you plan properly and limit hidden sugars. Diets on healthy meal plan. Cut way down on carbohydrates. Eat more of grain carbs high in fiber instead of starchy carbs. A healthy diet is not limited to protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Our bodies need all three to function properly however the key is a balanced diet therefore aim to eat more of natural, unprocessed food and less packaged and convenience foods.
Eat more healthy natural fats from nuts, olive oil, fish oils, flax seeds, or avocados fruits and fresh green vegetables, bitter leave is also a good option.
High-fiber cereals and breads, organic processed chicken, turkey, fowl, eggs, beans, low-fat dairy, and unsweetened yogurt are also choice of what a Diabetes patient should take.
Consume less fats or partially hydrogenated or deep-fried foods packaged from too much seasoning. Fast foods that is high in sugar, sweets, chips, sugary cereals, refined pastas or rice, Processed meat and red meat, Low-fat products such as fat-free yogurt. Rather choose high-fiber, slow-release carbs. Carbohydrates have a big impact on your blood sugar level compare to fats and proteins. Limit should be adhered in area of refined carbohydrates e.g white bread, pasta, and rice, as well as soda, candy, packaged meals, and snack foods. Rather intake of high fiber and high complex carbohydrates is better because they digest slowly and steadily preventing your body from producing too much insulin.

Glycemic Index Foods

Earlier on in this write-up, we talk of high Glycemic Index food, it increases blood sugar rapidly while low GI food will have least effect on blood sugar level.
The GI has for a very long time been emphasized on as a tool to control or manage blood sugar but still have drawn backs why because it is not really a measure of healthy diets, rather by simply following the routine of the Mediterranean or other heart-healthy diets, you’ll not only lower your glycemics load but also improve the quality of your diets. However you can enhance your knowledge on this topic just Glycemic Index.
Foods like White rice, Brown or wild rice, riced cauliflower, sweet potatoes (including fries and mashed potatoes), yams, cauliflower mash,Regular pasta, Wheat pasta, spaghetti squash, White bread, oatmeal etc in as much that the end product result of such food is low sugar.
Kindly, eating a Diabetes diets is not all about eliminating sugar altogether but reducing sugar intake. A Diabetes Patient can always enjoy any favorite dessert now and then with moderation.

Herbal And Natural Therapy For Controlling Diabetes

Herbal remedies if known can assist long way in controlling blood glucose levels. Fact is that herbs have properties that are useful to control blood sugar level. A natural ingredients like herb is a great cure for Diabetes type 2.

Herbal remedies which include Bitter leaves, Ginger, Cinnamon, Aloe-Vera, Bilberry, Saint leave, Bitter lemon, Coconut, Okra to mention but few have anti Diabetes properties and is proven to be active. Though certain herbs, vitamins and supplements have direct impact reaction with Diabetes medication and insulin it can as well alter hypoglycemic effect there for when using this therapy we should be careful not to abuse the use-age in order not to raise the risk of other Diabetes complications. Kindly if you are Diabetics patience and you like to embark on herbal therapy you can as well carry your doctor along and if any Diabetes healthcare team is available please involve them to be on a safer note.

Other herbal therapy which have been tested locally by human to control and treat Diabetes in locality where such herb/plant grown include:

  • Fig leaf such can be found in sooth-western Europe and Spain. The fig leaf term Ficus Carica as botanical name active component is not known though research shows that fig-leaf enhance glucose uptake.
  • Ginseng: This comes in varieties e.g. Korean, Siberian, American and Japanese ginseng it has rich vitamins.
  • Silibum marianum also known as thistle milk and a class of aster. The silymarin is rich in flavinoids and antioxidants which have a beneficial impact on insulin resistance. However research hasn’t given clear view on thistle milk capacity in glycaemic control.
  • Garlicalso known as Allium sativum is rich in antioxidant property and good micro circulatory effect.it enhance reduction in blood glucose, increase secretion and degradation of insulin.
  • Curry, Gingko…….

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